Looking for Safety

There have been several posts on WP where individuals are attempting to come to grips with a return to people gathering in groups, relaxation of mask wearing, and the reverting to the old normal. I’m throwing my two cents in just for fun.

The family extended has resumed our Sunday night ice cream social. All the vaccinated have decided to gather and consume the summer treat. This has brought much joy to the matriarch and the patriarch of Sparky’s side of the family. I have even enjoyed the hello and good-bye hugs. Now that the youngest niece and nephew (15 and 14 years old) are eligible for the vaccine they’ve gotten their 1st shot and scheduled their 2nd one in just 2 weeks. My son#2 who must wait 3 months since he had COVID is allowed to participate now too. Therefore we are pretty comfortable being around these people. It is a return to a sort of normal activity.

A less comfortable return is going to Mass. The state mask mandate was lifted. Wearing masks is still encouraged but only a few of us are still wearing masks. The bishop announced that the obligation to attend Mass in person is now back in place. The church is back to full capacity and people are packed in like sardines. This has increased my unease and sent my anxiety into over-drive. The pronouncement from Father Jacob was that if we have compromised health we can continue to attend via live stream but he’d really like for us to be physically in the church. To that end he suggested we ease into attendance by going to the 7:30 AM Mass that is much less crowded.

Lastly is the idea that the CDC said masks were not needed. Which was not the case. The guidelines state “Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing, EXCEPT where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.” Our county mask mandate is still in effect – sort of. There are way too many unvaccinated people running around unmasked and they now feel that they have carte blanc to stand in your personal space and breathe down your neck. The grocery store is the worst. The stores have posted new signs saying “masks are recommended”. The anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers feel vindicated and are mingling among the vaccinated. Wearing a mask is now seen as “living in fear”. Funny though that several of the previously unmasked, who caught the virus, are now sporting masks. Seems a brush with death has changed their tune.

So my final thought is that we must remain vigilant and wear masks, distance and wash hands. It is only prudent. Even in my family (not Sparky’s as there are so many nurses that have seen the pandemic up close and personal), there are a couple who have opted to not vaccinate as they feel that they have already had the coronavirus. At every turn they are quick to quote a new study that “proves” their point of view. I worry that we could see a second wave and all those unvaccinated and unprotected could succumb.

Anyway my masks will be kept (unlike the many who gleefully tossed theirs in the trash or even littered them all over the parking lot) because it was really nice to not have a common cold for 2 years! And my allergies are so much better too! Sparky has grass allergies and mowing the lawn usually means he comes in and has to take an antihistamine and lay down. Since I suggested he wear the mask to mow, it is a miracle – no coughing or sneezing or need for drugs or even a nap!!

29 thoughts on “Looking for Safety

    1. We are very selective about not wearing the masks – We have friends that are vaccinated and with them we are maskless, same for family. Going to the grocery, church, or anywhere else will see me in a mask… I don’t intend to take any unnecessary chances!


  1. I’m with you on the crowded places feeling dangerous, though I long for some activities this summer that allow me to gather with my beloveds, too. We’re all vaccinated other than the 6 year old’s in the family. They have managed to stay healthy and good about wearing the masks at school and daycare.

    Like you, I know of far too many who flaunt their bare faces and “right not to vaccinate”. I know that they all know where to get fraudulent papers if they are “forced” to prove they have had their vaccination, too. It’s frustrating, but I’m old enough to know that this is how humans behave, no matter what.

    I am grateful for the pickup or curbside grocery services that are still free. I only go into the store for things that I need at the last minute, or that I want to examine before buying. Either reason has me in and out of the store faster than a weekly shopping list would. Have you thought of using them as well?

    I’m hugely grateful for my ability to work from home, too. Like you, I have not had a cold in the past year (I got one before they sent us all home last April), and it’s been a huge relief to be dealing less with allergy responses as I stay home.

    So many damaging things between humans these past couple of years, and I pray about it all.


    1. Dodi the anti-vaxxers are so frustrating. Here we don’t have free curbside or pickup. Every so often they offer a free coupon if you purchase over $150 or only a $5 charge for a limited time. That is difficult for us as there are only the 2 of us. We’ve been going at odd times when there are fewer shoppers – 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM and shopping with a list and we split up too so we get done in a flash. Being retired gives us a little more flexibility.


  2. It is a shame that political pressures have so badly intruded into our basic rights to protect our own health and that of others around us. With a temporarily compromised immune system, I am again feeling somewhat confined to home — I love the pickup grocery service, and go only to places where I can maintain a good distance, even with a mask on.

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    1. You are wise to take the precautions! I have picked up several masks that were tossed in the parking lot (I have exam gloves and ziploc baggies in the car) that have been laundered in hot water and dried on high heat to completely sanitize them. It comes in handy to have a couple extra masks in the glove box in each car. We have a special spot for all the used masks waiting for laundering so the contagion is contained…


  3. People in Asia have worn masks during certain seasons forever. I will never never never never understand most of what has happened in the past 18 months. Part of me inside is so angry and so sad it doesn’t know what to do. I’m seriously NOT the person I was in June 2019 and I’ll never be that person again.

    Yesterday the kids’ dad came over to see if I was still alive and living here since I still don’t have a working phone and hadn’t answered messages. And, of course, since I’ve been banned from Twitter, they didn’t see me there. So, I went over for a cookout last evening. It was normal socialization and when I walked into the yard, the dad said, “Welcome to the Vaccinated club.”

    Superficially, you would think these would be arch-Trumpists who are opposed to the vaccination. We joked around a lot about the micro-chip and how we’re all going in to complain because our chip isn’t working, but…

    I think it’s kind of weird that your priest would want people to attend in-person church. I think most people would want to do that, but many now might not feel good about it. OH well.


    1. Yeah being in the vaccinated club is wonderful. As for church, there are a couple of people I know who ARE NOT vaccinated and not wearing masks. That makes me very stressed out. This last Sunday there were only about 4 of us wearing masks. I am a free spirit and will wear my mask no matter what! Hehe! Anyway the church has made it an obligation to attend in person (with some exceptions) but since I do not fall into any of the excepted categories I’m attending. Of course I’m also taking precautions. I think if the Apple phone store sold you a paper weight they should refund your money or at least get the phone set up for you!!!

      Glad you got to have a cookout and that your neighbors like you enough to check on your well-being!

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      1. Val, the phone works fine. It’s a problem of living here where connectivity is a huge problem for everyone. Once the phone is activated to get phone calls, it will be fine. Meantime it does everything it should do and tries whenever it gets the chance to find a cell tower. If I weren’t so lazy I’d drive to the other side of the mountains where people live and activate the phone.

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        1. Gah! That is part of the problem living in a valley… I hope you can have a fun excuse to go over the mountains and activate the phone as a by-product. Will it let you connect to your internet and get connectivity that way?

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          1. I can connect to my wifi once I’m connected in the “normal” way. That’s what I’ve been doing since I moved here. There are just so few people here that cell phone companies aren’t motivated to put up towers. My company has only 3 in an area as big as many east coast states… 😀 I’m sort of planning to go next week sometime.


  4. i am with you Val, vaccinated or not; we still need to wear a mask as it is surely still out there. I am very delighted to hear that vaccination is at full speed in your country. from where I am it is still a struggle …a problem.. and an issue…


    1. Yes it was in full swing. Now it is a process to convince the idiot portion of the population to get the vaccine. Seems they won’t take the vaccine (because of Trump and his lies) but they refuse to send the vaccine to other countries where the populace is begging for it! I’m very frustrated. But I’ve had to just let it go and be happy that I’m protected (vaccine + mask).

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  5. yea for masks! So glad you are enjoying the family ice cream treat … as for packing in like sardines for mass, no way! Take the less populated option or return to livestream … if you can’t physically distance it’s not worth the risk ….


  6. I have had two doses of Moderna vaccine, and have O+ blood, yet I am keeping my masks and will honour any entity’s , or any person’s, request to wear a mask in their presence. A former Xangan has long-term COVID19, and their case has been fully described on another social media platform. I would venture that they are far from the only one in that situation.


    1. With the new Delta variant I’m still wearing my mask in crowds. Some would say I’m being fearful but I prefer to be prudent… Son#2 had COVID and still has “brain fog” though it is slowly getting better.

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