Looking Timely

Cloud shadow quickly flees
Slipping through my fingers
Past, present, and future
Anguish and bliss pass away

The End of Summer scavenger hunt prompt #5 is to write a Naani on the topic of time. The Naani is a poem form from India. It is syllabic written in 4 lines with a total of 20 -25 syllables total. Like the Haiku it doesn’t rhyme. The poem is not bound to any specific subject but usually depicts human relations and current events. I chose a syllable count of 6/6/6/7 for my lines for a total of 25 syllables.

Time is a slippery thing. No sooner than we grab hold of now, it becomes then. As hard as we strain to reach the future, it is always a nanosecond beyond our fingers. As we reach, it slides into our touch to become the present and sublimes instantly to become the past. The problem with time is that humans have the capability to remember what just was and to long for what may be. That means we are constantly dragging the past into our present via nostalgia and persistent reminiscence. We also hope and anticipate a future formed by wishes and dreams. I am not saying that those abilities are undesirable, on the contrary those traits have built civilizations. On the individual level however if one lives in the past or in dreams of the future alone, the present living is neglected. That neglect robs the person of any new memories and the dreams will remain unobtainable. We find the person in a state of suspended animation – neither living nor dead and just as separated from the rest of the world. The best is to relish this moment. Remember the string of memories and wear them like a beautiful necklace. Place the dreams like flowers in your hair where you can smell their sweet perfume even as you live in this very instant.

40 thoughts on “Looking Timely

  1. My memories aren’t very good, just pieces here and there. As for dreams, I only pray to live long enough to care for my husband as we have no other family that can.


  2. And you still managed to bring nature into the piece; sweet!
    Your paragraph after, has me thinking much, and remembering some stories. Like yesterday, I heard Dr. Jane G. talk about a baby chimp that had found the body of it’s dead mother. He, of course, tried to get her to touch him, and then went above the nest they used to have. He eventually laid down in it and died of a broken heart.
    So, do animals know time, or “only” the Present, which is all we all really have.


    1. I’m tickled that this pleased you! As for the question – we don’t know. Many animals remember – especially noxious events. But the idea that they have the capacity to wish and dream of future events is unknown. Some animals can anticipate as in action = reward but we don’t know if they can imagine a future event and determine different scenarios… So glad this post has gotten you thinking – which is always an interesting event that in my experience leads to a burst of creativity from you!!!

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  3. Caught myself rushing through this before I realized that was exactly what one should not do. Better to relish this post in this moment…knowing full well, I won’t remember it anyway. All the more reason to enjoy it now.


    1. Ha! Judy you really know how to twist time into knots – all the better to hold onto those memories! Glad you slowed down (though the words slow and down don’t usually apply to you!)


    1. Thanks Lesley! Welcome to the scavenger hunt – I hope you enjoy all the different forms and the poems being posted by others… maybe you will be inspired to write a couple poems as well – the more the merrier!

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    1. Many thanks! I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading this one!! Time is very slippery and once it slips away there is no way to get it back…
      Hope you are not overwhelmed with the start of the new school year.


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