Looking for Forgiveness

My conscience yearns to atone
Yet I hesitate to confess
There is an ache in heart and bone
Each sin a cause for distress
Help must come from God alone
Pour on me forgiveness

This is the End of Summer scavenger hunt prompt #11 – Write a Harrisham Rhyme on the topic of Forgiveness. This form is a little tricky in that there is a rhyme scheme of A/B/A/B/A/B for the end words of the 6 line poem AND a catch at the beginning of each line. That catch is that the last letter of the first word of the first line becomes the first letter of the of the first word of the second line, this pattern is repeated for each line. Makes you have to really do a little thinking!

So forgiveness comes in many ways. Most people think that when they are wronged it is difficult to impossible to forgive the person who has committed the wrong. In fact many feel that to forgive is the same as condoning the act or that there is an element of forgetting the hurt done to you. But really forgiving another who has hurt or wronged you has nothing to do with them! It is all about you. To forgive is to put down the anger. It is to set aside the thoughts of revenge, comeuppance, and retribution. Forgiveness given means that you don’t waste energy, time or effort thinking about the other person. The injury is not forgotten but it is relegated to the past, it is history. To forgive another person is an act of self-preservation. It helps you more than them, especially if they have not acknowledged that they have hurt you.

The person who asks for forgiveness has realized the gravity of their actions. You are not able to judge their sincerity, you cannot see into their hearts, minds, or souls. What you can do is set down the burden of hurt. By giving them the words of your forgiveness you tell them that you are not dwelling on the wrong, you are not holding them in your thoughts, you are walking away from the past. That doesn’t mean you forget what they’ve done. It doesn’t obligate you to be their friend. In fact it means you are moving on and that you no longer have any need or desire to speak to them or see them ever again. I was once told that forgiveness was like stepping in dog poo. You forgive (wipe it away), step away from the pile, and make a note of the location so that you don’t repeat the experience. Not forgiving is having it on your shoe and constantly smelling it, tracking it in your car and home, and possibly having it ruin your shoe, your good mood, your friendships, your work life and even alienating those you live with and love dearly!

40 thoughts on “Looking for Forgiveness

  1. Well I got off on a really bad start,
    so you may notice the first words this time.
    Because as you know I am still new to this art
    I did this too quickly, not thinking enough on mine.
    The first word has the same first letter and last from the start.
    Making all of the lines which maybe fine, should they all also rhyme~?
    Also I notice that on yours, you have long, short, long, length lines, is this smart~?
    So TEACHER do I fail on this effort again, or I have I here committed another crime~?
    If my lines got any longer they would have dropped right off the page destroying all of my art~!

    Being sorry for things I have done or have said
    getting forgiveness from those I have wronged.
    Going back to memories of troubles I’ve lead.
    Giving credit that to another had belonged.
    Granting that gift of love before I am dead.
    Gaining those pleasures of getting along.

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    1. SAM! I love it! This is perfection! You met all the requirements with poetic aplomb! I grant you a gold star and an A+. I think you have graduated to the next level – perhaps you have been holding back so that we wouldn’t recognize you as an accomplished poet?


      1. I like the challenge but I doubt that I will ever follow any such test on a regular schedule. I am just a capricious person when it comes to writing, getting most of my challenge in a dream, good word in what I am reading or something someone says. Gaming is just not my thing~!

        But I do desire learning about other types of poetry and appreciate your help, So Thanks, I am slowly improving my knowledge.
        PS I just added another verse to that haiku on the news, I felt that it was coming to a dead end and needed halp~!!


            1. And that is what so many need to learn to do (think for themselves)! Either they never learned or decided to abdicate the responsibility… and here we are in the midst of a pandemic that just won’t end.


    1. I’ve seen things like that too – the one I saw was the difference between a victim and a survivor – being that a victim continues to try to change the past and a survivor leaves it and moves forward…
      I’ve missed you! What have you been up to?


  2. Forgiveness as gGd forgives us .
    This being said , By near unanimous acclamation you get compliments about the way you hosted this Summer Scavenger Hunt) ! Bravo!, Val!
    Love ❤


  3. I have forgiven those who wronged me in the past-and have been forgiven by those I’ve wronged. The lesson is always to not repeat either the naivete-based actions that led to my being hurt or the ego-based behaviours that led me to hurt the other person.


    1. It is true that there are always 2 or more involved. The forgiving though is a personal and singular action. It is not dependent on the other person professing guilt. It does not require the other person to acknowledge their part. All it require is for you to put down the hurt and anger. As for burning bridges that again is a personal choice – I like the last line that cautions a pause to cool off before striking the match too hastily.


  4. This IS a two way action. One asking for forgiveness and the other accepting your asking for forgiveness. So it must involve two people. If you say “I’m sorry for “????”, and they say “go to hell”, then the transaction is not consummated, You may feel contrite and may have done your part in a friendly manner, but now a responsibility is put on the other person, that of forgiveness. Turn this around and it is the same either way. What I am trying to say is a kind acceptance is just as important in maintaining a friendship as the one of apologizing. This is what I was trying trying express in the poem I posted.


    1. Ah. We are looking at different sides of the same coin. I’m talking about the forgiveness that is not trying to maintain a relationship with another person but with God. The forgiveness of a victim for the perpetrator – the victim is not being asked to forgive. There is no contrition from the criminal but to forgive the perpetrator is a way to unburden the victim from the weight of Divine judgement.


      1. No, not really, in my opinion you have just taken it to another plane~! Bringing God into the earthly subject of forgiveness is opening still another subject. Asking for forgiveness between could be for peace of mind; but asking for that of God without also asking for that of another person alone may not be the same thing~! This thought just got too long so I wrote in on another post~! https://mcouvillion.wpcomstaging.com/2021/08/27/how-can-you-be-forgiven-the-unforgivable/


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