Looking at the End (of Summer Scavenger Hunt)

So we made it through the month of August without anyone’s head exploding from dealing with all these poetry forms. I’m pleased with all the poetry I wrote and I enjoyed reading your poems. A big round of applause to all who persevered and attempted the End of Summer scavenger hunt! This last poem is for the last prompt – write a Blitz poem on the topic of death. The Blitz poem is kind of a stream of consciousness form but after you have it written you can tweak it a bit to make your point….

Live to Die
To be or not to be
To think is to live
Live fast
Live quickly
Quickly we run
Quickly we fade
Fade like photos
Fade away
Away from the race
Away from work
Work to eat
Work to play
Play at love
Play at life
Life lessons
Life keeps going
Going forward
Going toward the end
End the chaos
End the worry
Worry about family
Worry about debts
Debts owed
Debts not paid
Paid in full
Paid my way
Way to go home
Way it will be
Be calm
Be happy
Happy life
Happy death
Death comes
Death delayed
Delayed by love
Delayed by force
Force of will
Force death’s hand
Hand me over
Hand up to heaven
Heaven awaits
Heaven not denied
Denied the devil’s due
Denied extra time
Time marches on
Time to die
Die we must
Die to live

“Without a mother one cannot love. Without a mother one cannot die.” ― Herman Hesse

33 thoughts on “Looking at the End (of Summer Scavenger Hunt)

  1. without a mother one is not born …

    Great blitz Val, you sure blitzed death … I really liked it! My last collection of micropoetry is scheduled for posting in Sept … I know, got to be a troublemaker in every challenge! But if I’m the worst you’ve done alright πŸ™‚

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    1. I was very “into” Herman Hesse in college…. I’m so pleased that you like this one! I’m looking forward to your poems – and it doesn’t really matter if it is after August ends. As I’ve said before – poets are awful at following rules! And you are not the worst – in fact I’d say you are a shining star!!!

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      1. lol I was also into HH then and many others, I was a prolific reader from about age 6 on … now I only really read bloggers πŸ™‚

        In about six hours my next post will be a surprise for you πŸ™‚


    1. Ah Mr. Mouse! I am very gratified that you have compared my effort to yours – because you write really engaging poems! I’m thrilled you participated and hope you join in again come April when it is National Poetry Month!!!

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  2. Wow! I read it fast as if I were thinking it; then I re-read it slowly. I wonder how long it takes you to write these things. It’s probably like the meal I laboriously prepare every evening that’s consumed in minutes.


    1. Yay! That is exactly how the Blitz should be read – fast (thus the name). It is a fun form but you have to really work at the ending since it is the title and the conclusion… Not the most difficult form as it allows the mind to try to make all sorts of associations – some work others don’t. I bet a dime to a donut that you could do this form!!! Maybe on the topic of riding downhill….


  3. Wow! Neat to see you do the stream of consciousness thing, AND Hesse quoted. I love your surprises.
    and thank you for this hunt!!! I always forget that I learn much by doing these. Thank you.


    1. Kim I always enjoy your poetry and your scavenger hunts (which you haven’t done since COVID) always stretched me beyond my limits (sort of a Stretch Armstrong situation) but I managed to not only learn but grow!! Glad I could return the favor!! As for Hesse, I went through a period in college where I read and re-read Hesse… Glad you enjoyed that one!

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    1. There are some folks whose souls touch every so often! Poetry can make that connection! I am a little sad that the ASH/EOS is over… but I’ve got my sights set on April!


    1. Thank you from the depths of my heart! I’m so glad you liked this one! I hadn’t seen any posts so I went back and realized I missed the art show! So many wonderful paintings! I have always loved the crows – good to see I’m not alone!!


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