Looking at First Loves

Puppy love was not real just a
Small thing
But a girl’s heart has no tether
Takes wing
Envisions the joy and hope that
Loves bring
As that young man plays tunes on her
Heart’s string
Even when that new love fades
I sing

I was looking at an old elementary year book of my sons’ that has never been claimed to be relocated to their house. It brought back some very funny memories and a few poignant ones. There were 3 young ladies in son#2’s class who had a crush on him in 2nd grade. He considered them friends. They considered him their “boyfriend”. I went to eat lunch with him one day and discovered the little drama going on. He was thrilled to see me and introduced me to his friends. One of the young ladies in question corrected him, “girlfriend” she muttered under her breath. I have very keen hearing. I was amused. After lunch I had a meeting with his teacher and asked her if she was aware of this romantic development. We had a good laugh because the 3 girls hung out together and each one considered him the “boyfriend”. Since the seating only allowed for one on each side there had been some serious vying for position in community circle, reading groups and anytime they lined up. The girls remained friends and when son#2 remained clueless they all three dropped him. And that is the essence of “puppy love” (not to be confused by the 1960 teen version).

So this form is called the Waltmarie. It was created by Candace Kubinec. It is a 10 line poem where the even numbered lines are 2 syllables and the odd numbered lines have no restriction on syllable count. The catch is that the even numbered lines when read sequentially form their own mini-poem!

46 thoughts on “Looking at First Loves

    1. Oh Kim! Is that a challenge suggestion for the next scavenger hunt??!! This time I’m writing them down! I’m happy that you think it sweet and that you read it twice to find the little monorhyme poem within!


      1. As long as thee allows me to pick and choose my targets in the hunts, I’m game!
        (Overheard on NPR this am, “Cache in, Trash out!” I love that, and thought of you. I know you would automatically do this, but I love that someone has made it a thing.)


  1. I remember having a crush in first grade… I would chase her around on the playground, but I never knew what to do with her when I caught her 😉

    Thanks for introducing me to this form!



    1. I think the Waltmarie is a fun form. Glad I could introduce you! Ah, first grade… The Beatles hit “I wanna hold your hand” was on the charts and that’s what all the boys would sing as they chased us. But as it was none of the girls wanted to hold hands and get boy cooties! hehehe!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Of the 3 I only know about 1 whose mother used to be in a singing group with my BIL. She graduated from college and got married and has 2 children. The other 2 have disappeared into the past… Now I’m wondering too!


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