Looking Mousey

I finally got a piece back from the kiln! With the kiln tech in and out and the restrictions on class size due to the pandemic, it was taking a lot longer to get things fired. You see they won’t do a firing unless the kiln is full (for monetary reasons as it costs a lot of time and money to complete a cycle in the gas kiln). I had made this concept orb several times. It was so very popular with coworkers, vet techs, graduate students, and researchers that every time I completed one I felt compelled to give it away. I will likely make this one again, as a gift, but this one is mine!
The clay body is white stoneware. The mice are glazed with a red iron oxide stain applied thickly to give a metallic sheen to the surface. I am very happy with this one. Amazingly all the tails and ears are intact and it came through the firing perfectly!

56 thoughts on “Looking Mousey

    1. Thanks Michel! I was very happy with the way this one turned out! It is too heavy to wear but that idea makes me think that I could possible make a pendant! It is a strange (to me) phenomenon that women are afraid of mice yet everyone just loves Mickey Mouse!


    1. Thanks Janet! I plan on keeping it! I’m trying to decide where to display it – in the computer room where I can see it or in the living room where others will see it. (I’m considering being selfish…)

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            1. Glazing is an art in itself! It isn’t like painting because the color you see is not the color you get. It is all chemistry and sometimes it works. Glazing is a very Zen kind of activity. You have to let go of the images in your head and the expectations and accept the result – which is often better than your plan.


              1. I have nearly zero ceramic talent so I was not going to hang around just to master the glaze when my object was beyond recognition … at least your balls and mice look like balls and mice 🙂


                1. Twenty years ago clay meditation/praying with clay was all the rage. It didn’t have to look like anything – it was just using the clay to help you focus. What you ended up with was what your subconscious was trying to tell you or depending on your religious bent what the message of the scripture was saying… it was interesting and I still have the blobs (unglazed and pretty hideous so not displayed!)


  1. as I was doing my exercise this morning (aka lying flat on my back with 2 tennis balls under my lower back), the image of your art work kept coming to mind. wow – I look forward to seeing more, but this is plenty, in one sense. 🙂


    1. I’m gratified that the art has made an impression! That is the artist’s dream come true!! Although I have 5 pieces in various stages of completion, when they will be done is all up to the kiln tech. I hope soon but have absolutely no control…

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