Looking Challenged

I was considering a poem for my next post. I flipped through my index card file and found a form I’d never attempted. It is an Awdl Gywydd, a Welsh form written in quatrains (4 line stanzas) with 7 syllables per line. Easy-peasy you say. BUT it also must have a rhyme scheme of a/b/c/b. Well, that’s not so bad. BUT NO, it must also have an internal rhyme on the 3rd or 4th syllable of the 2nd and 4th lines with the end word on the 1st and 3rd lines!! I really don’t like internal rhyme. But I thought I should give it a try – you know supple the brain muscles a little.

Then I read CalmKate’s post and she was challenging her followers to write a verse or two using either Homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings) or Homographs ( which are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings). To muddy the waters we can just lump them together and call them Homonyms (which can be homophones, homographs, or both). Being a glutton for punishment (and having some free time with my injured foot propped up) I figured I might as well give it a try.

The Prodigal Son

From the sky the rain does pour
And my poor heart like a deer
Pines for warmth from summer sun
And my son who I hold dear

The world is fierce and I pray
He’s not prey to wicked souls
Who kill as a hungry bear
Leaves him bare with bloody soles

No word from him so I wait
Hold the weight and count the hours
Just a call his voice to hear
Frozen here the hurt is ours

At the window’s rainy pane
I feel pain; my mind a knot
Into the dark I will stare
A creaky stair! He’s home – not

The rain clean air holds a scent
Of hope sent on a day fair
A pleasant sky this morning
No mourning, he needs air fare!

Place a flower in my hair
Like a hare quick run the course
For him a feast we will buy
Lay it by fine bread not coarse

And so my heart’s missing piece
Rests at peace its very plain
Over mountains, land, and sea
I can see him leave the plane

And because my mother reads this blog I must add this disclaimer – No sons have gone missing, neither are they spendthrifts. No one has squandered their money or resources nor has anyone needed to phone home for money to be able to return to the familial fold. This is COMPLETE fiction!!

77 thoughts on “Looking Challenged

  1. lol really cracked me up … the Mum disclaimer that is 🙂

    WOW you really went to town on this one Val, seems like you’ve included so many! Might ask you to write my next post … you know all the right terms to describe the format more comprehensively 🙂 Might just borrow the terms and tweek mine thanks!

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    1. When the muse is tickled – well I just go with it! Yes I have to put those in sometimes. She reads the blog and I’ve had her call in a slight panic wanting to know if everything is okay. Borrow away… But yours doesn’t need to be tweaked – it is perfect just the way it is!

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              1. most poetry sites seem a bit lacklustre to me. Guess that’s why I’m adding to the mix. Point is so long as the format is named people can research the correct formula online 🙂


                  1. quite a few I checked out seem to focus on the twelve, twenty most common forms used … and that’s another good reason to search for an explanation that makes sense to us 🙂

                    I was totally confused by the d’Verse prompt today but after reading a couple of examples it seemed simple. That will post in about 7 hours 🙂


                    1. Ach! My paean will post on Monday – I can’t keep up!! This is why I don’t do the d’Verse prompts – they come too fast and furious to let me mull them over and produce quality. I do the NPM and the other scavenger hunts where the pressure is on for a short burst. I can’t handle daily pressure – takes all the fun out of it!!

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                    2. Hehe! I guess I’m doing well then since I think in the last 3 years I’ve only done 2 of their prompts… Still for many it seems they need the exposure and to get readers they do all the prompts. I’m of the quality over quantity mindset. If you are casual then I’m comatose!


    1. Thanks David! I was hit by a little inspiration. You are the master of the short forms so I cower thinking of what you could do if you ever turned your attention to the longer poetry forms!


    1. Thanks tons Punam! Sometimes my imagination gets tickled by a prompt and I just run with it. Which is why I needed the disclaimer…Its bad form to cause your nearly ninety year old mother to have heart palpitations!!

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        1. Thanks Punam. I never know what will trigger an explosion of creativity… As for my mom, she is at the emergency room now – I’m waiting to hear but she is probably going to be admitted! (NOT caused by reading this post!)


                1. Fine is relative… she has been admitted to the hospital and her tricuspid heart valve isn’t functioning. They are going to try to manage it without surgery. I’m sort of in a wait and see position.


                    1. Looks like the medicine is doing the trick and that she’ll be home in a day or less. She hasn’t lost a step and is still sharp as a tack. The nurses keep saying she doesn’t look her age and she certainly doesn’t act her age! She was watching the news when I facetimed her last night… she has to keep up on politics!


    1. Hehe! Glad I could supply a little chuckle! The foot… I stubbed my pinkie to on the door jam and, well, it was bad. I couldn’t put on a shoe for 3 days. It is healing nicely and the bleeding stopped though it is still very bruised. According to the wound specialist in the family, it isn’t broken and although I might lose the toenail, it will be fine – just needs “tincture of time”.


  2. I’m with your calmKate up there, that note to your mother is quite the endcap to the post! 😉
    (and um, yes, that is a LOT of rules for the Awdl Gywydd, No, thanks. I can just barely walk and chew gum at the same time. 😀 ) Carry on, poet warrior!!!


    1. Haha! I don’t want to do her in with worry… I’m pretty sure that your coordination is better than you state. Especially given your art as proof! The rules were complicated but once I got started it was much easier than I imagined. Poet warrior!? Can I use that on my business cards?

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    1. Thanks Valerie! I’m glad this struck a chord. I’m fortunate that we don’t have any (as of yet) that fit the category. Even so it is hard to wait for one to come back (even if it is just a trip with friends to see a concert in another city/state)…

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    1. Thanks Susi! I stubbed my pinky toe on the door jam as I headed to take a shower (which is why I wasn’t wearing shoes). I split it open and bent the nail back. I am back to mostly normal and can wear shoes again. It looks like I might not lose the toenail but only time will tell. But I’ll tell you – that hurt like the devil!!

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    1. It was made easier by having a list of homonyms so I didn’t have to hunt for the internal rhyme – it was already there in front of me! Glad this one stretched your brain a bit! It was a challenge but that was the point in the first place!

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