Looking at the Dark Side of Halloween

Welcome to this Special Halloween post. I’m crazy busy today as I’m visiting saintvi for the annual Halloween candy handout followed by the traditional Chili supper with delicious brownies for dessert while we watch one of the best movies for the season – Young Frankenstein. I will be coming home late and probably won’t be able to respond to comments until tomorrow. Have fun!

Chill winds, dead leaves as they dress up pretend
Children running they scamper door to door
Without a thought of how their lives will end
Making merry laughter the dead abhor
The veil is thinning between us and them
Sweet treats, full moon will call the dead to rise
Every child who mocks them hears death’s grim hymn
Played out in pantomime before their eyes
Evaporating souls like steam or fog
Fill the sky and seep past masks into mouth
Into throat becomes the croak of bullfrog
Hoarse they cry and turn to flee to the south
Into the chasm humanity falls
Compass points are pointless when the grave calls

This is for Ingrid’s Halloween Sonnet festival. Please go visit her blog to enjoy some other interesting and spooky Halloween sonnets!

39 thoughts on “Looking at the Dark Side of Halloween

  1. Beautiful Halloween poem. Sounds like a wonderful day. Halloween does not mean lot to me. We live on the very edge of town and after a few years of buying candy and no visitors. Plus once I was in the truck full time we are never home. Last year boss man kept us at the company office with a safety meeting. This year we are working even though it is a weekend for most our week has started.


    1. We didn’t give out candy. It was a quiet day and then went to saintvi’s house – helped her give out candy and then watched the movie. All in all a great time. Giving out candy used to be fun but any more it is just a greedy grab and the kids don’t even say “Trick or Treat”!


  2. “Chill winds, dead leaves as they dress up pretend”…such a fantastic opening line, Val. I love how it turns deep with “Into the chasm humanity falls
    Compass points are pointless when the grave calls”!
    I hope you have a fun evening.
    Happy Halloween!🎃

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    1. Thanks Punam! I like the sonnet and this was a fun one to write… I tried to make a statement amid the frivolousness of the Halloween festivities. Hope you and yours had a good Halloween!


      1. so glad you had and I read; (Halloween is not really in my genes, Germanic as they are – we have Karneval or Fasching a few days before ash wednesday people go mad and dress up 🙂
        still glad about your dad – time for bed.


  3. Every time I see that you and St. Vi are doing something together, I smile. I’ve always enjoyed her posts, and prayed a lot when they became scanty. Smiles and huggerz to you both!


  4. Clever poem, Val .We don’ t have this tradition of Halloween, until then in France .; A few here and then following the US fashion.
    Until then people go on the graves for All Saints day and the day after . This was the French tradition.
    Enjoy with saintvi
    Love ❤


    1. Thanks Michel! We are celebrating All Souls Day and All Saints Day. By father is with my mother (in his urn) and when she dies they will be buried together. For now all of the graves are far away – that’s what happens when we move so far from our hometowns!


            1. Should be but people have abandoned creativity. Also it takes a certain level of knowledge to “get” some costumes… We would draw on literary characters but now all the kids are mimicking horror movies. You never see the Owl and the Pussycat, or the mad hatter, or Archy and Mehitabel. Because no one knows who they are!


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