Looking Geometrical

The kiln has spit out some more of my ceramic pieces and thankfully they all survived. I was playing around with the idea of viruses and the instructor issued a challenge to several of us – make something that has a geometrical component. At first I ignored it. I mean, all my orbs are spherical and that is very “geometrical”. That was my reasoning. Then she came over to me specifically and asked if I couldn’t do a piece that incorporated triangles or rhomboid shapes. With furrowed brow I scanned my favorite databases for a coccolith, fungus, pollen, or virus that had a some triangular aspects. *sigh*

I chose to model my orb off of the group of viruses called Iridoviridae. this virus effects insects (mosquitoes and isopods) and causes blue to bluish-purple iridescence and a shortened lifespan. As you might guess their capsid shell has a series of rectangles that form an isohedron. These occur in a variety of ways either as regular or irregular forms…

This particular orb is glazed in Super T which with the red iron oxide stain has a very striking contrast. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It is a white stoneware clay body fired at cone 9.

Before the challenge I was working on a virus orb of a Reovirus. These viruses are associated with upper respiratory infections, enteritis, fever, and the symptoms of the common cold. So not as horrible as the coronavirus but still bothersome.
Β  Β 

This one is again a white stoneware clay body glazed in Shaner Gold with red iron oxide applied thickly to give a dark metallic sheen to the portions protruding. The Shaner Gold went on a little thick and obscured the textured details on the background. Still it is a favorite glaze and came out looking good!

52 thoughts on “Looking Geometrical

    1. That first one is really beautiful in full sunlight – it is spectacular! I’m so pleased you liked the information… I try to make sure everyone has a clue to what I was thinking when I made it!


    1. Thanks Kim! There is no need to forgive! That another artist enjoys these pieces is a thrill. I wish I had the patience to post on IG. I have an account mostly to keep up with friends and family. I’ve never really figured out how to post there. I guess I’m just too lazy to bother to learn. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Just fyi, I post from the laptop, most of the time. I learned how (ty, google) but now IG has made it so that it’s easy to post from laptop (vs silly phone). Glad I follow you over here, to catch all the things. πŸ™‚


  1. I’d love either of these in my home Val, well done!

    The fact that they are actual viruses makes them even more intriguing … you nailed the triangular one! Did you have to add those spikes individually, that looks spectacular with the contrasts of colour and texture πŸ™‚


    1. I’m thrilled you would consider giving them house room! The Reovirus required me to make the filaments and then attach them. I had to extrude them and then bundle to attach. It was very time consuming!

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