Looking Black

Today is “Black Friday”. That is the day after Thanksgiving where stores used to have all the big sales to kick-off the Christmas shopping season. It was so named because it was often the day where the stores finally moved from running a deficit to making a profit. The pandemic has decimated the brick and mortar stores. Although many were moving to online shopping, the pandemic forced the hands of a large number who were ambivalent or hesitant to shop online. It pains me to admit that much of my shopping this year has been online. But the biggest pain is the leftovers I’m dealing with.

It used to be different. When the boys were young they were bottomless pits. They could eat a big meal and be hungry again in an hour. They have grown up and their appetites have slowed down. Due to restraint and moderation, I’m left with a ton of leftovers. I have to figure out how many ways I can use turkey. I’ve decided to freeze a large portion. That still leaves me with plenty to work with. I’ve planned to make sloppy toms (kind of like sloppy joes but with turkey, dressing and gravy), turkey tikka masala, and turkey roll-ups (turkey and cheese placed in crescent rolls and baked). But Sparky is a fanatic for soups and stews and is lobbying hard for turkey stew – and I’m thinking “ewwww”! Which triggered a little Thanksgiving monorhyme!

Black Friday Menu
Transient moue
Holiday residue
I eschew
Turkey stew.

54 thoughts on “Looking Black

    1. Sparky will get his Turkey soup! And yes there will be carrots and probably several other veggies will make an appearance! I hope Janine will make some for you because it would be very difficult for me to send it to you from here!!


    1. The sloppy toms make great sandwiches on those leftover rolls! And Sparky does put the cranberry sauce on his. I prefer mine on the side as it makes then just a little tooo sloppy!!


                    1. I’m hopeful that we can wrap up most of the financial stuff soon – perhaps by the start of the new year. As for personal effects – my sister she lived with will take most if not all of the furniture. There are only a few things that she had that will still need to be distributed – mostly to the grandchildren… She didn’t have any “real” property so there is no estate or estate taxes which is a blessing.

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                    2. My mother was savvy and had put almost all of her savings in a tax free annuity so that we would inherit without having to pay any taxes. Since we split it 3 ways the amount didn’t come close to the inheritance tax threshold.

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                    3. She was smart and frugal and had good financial advice… Though her assets ensured she had the funds necessary to live comfortably she was by no means a 1%er.


                    4. I’ve never been so poor that I lived hand to mouth but I’ve gone through lean times when I had a glass of milk with some Ovaltine stirred in for dinner for a couple of months… But I was always frugal and managed to get by. Glad that worry is behind you!


  1. Heavy are the birdoms of sloppy turkey. But a residue rumination on the subject will do for to not stew I see. Turkey and cheese seems a good way to roll-up the day and un-lemon the doubting pout.


  2. All your suggestions sound intriguing. I think turkey soup is a good idea, with rice in the mix-and my turkey soup always had a fair amount of black pepper tossed in. I am not sure about stew, per se. One would have to prepare and boil a whole other bunch of potatoes, besides the left over mashed. Speaking of which, Penny and I would often put the mashed potatoes in a flour and butter mix and make mashed potato pancakes-especially when Thanksgiving was conjunct with Hanukkah and she had a yen for the foods of her youth.


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