Looking for My Valentine

I am invincible with you
With you I am invincible

I decided to attempt this form – The Skinny. It is a form that was created by Truth Thomas and consists of 11 lines. The first and last lines contain the same words (but can be rearranged). Lines 2 – 10 are single words and lines 2, 6, and 10 must be the same word. There is no restriction on topic or rhyme.

As is our custom, Sparky and I will have a quiet dinner out at that singular establishment that tests the bounds of love – Taco Bell. He has indicated that he will spring for ANYTHING on the menu! We will people watch. Taco Bell is usually knee deep in young love, the kind that can’t afford a steak dinner. I sit and observe the earnest youth looking for their true Valentines. I am lucky to have looked and found my Valentine! (Though several years ago he hid a bunch of Valentines, the kinds that kids exchange in school, around the house. I’m still looking for the last one! Of course he can’t remember where he hid it!!!). Even doing a thorough cleaning has not turned up the missing Valentine. I suspect I won’t find it until we move!


72 thoughts on “Looking for My Valentine

    1. Many thanks Mr. Mouse! It was one of those forms that I stumbled upon and thought it would be fun to try! (and it was a fun write). I can totally see you doing this one for National Nutrition Month (March) or National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb 21-27)!

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      1. It does look like fun. I put it in my forms to try list the moment I saw it.
        As for those dates, I’ve already written all my posts for February and March. It will probably be April by the time I get to posting my attempt. Shame cos those are great ideas for usage.


              1. I am with you – humor though is not a substitute for truth – so I have had to pluck up my courage and write to the provincial had of a well-known RC male order. Anonymised, I posted a copy on wp. dvd has the p/w – I have an email address for him and I believe h has one for you, so I have invited him to share my email and the p/w with you. Feel free to respond – but please by email only. Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. Interesting form! Might try it. Taco Bell for Valentine’s? Hope the “musical fruit” in the burrito grande doesn’t cause any issues later. I read this morning that conductors on commuter trains in the early 1900’s were forbidden to eat onions, lest their bad breath offend riders. It was grounds for dismissal. Perhaps there should be a similar ban on refried beans on Valentine’s Day? JK πŸ™‚

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  2. lol how delightful … Taco Bell is a chain here too. Frankly I prefer Bob’s Taco, cheap and delicious. Lots of families and frequent regulars … so a good friendly atmosphere.

    You wont move until you are taken out in your coffins, so guess that counts as a lost card πŸ˜‰


    1. Haha! I prefer Fiesta Tapatia (a family-owned place too) but they are so popular that it is almost impossible to get a table on weekends or holidays! As for that lost Valentine, the 10 yr plan is to sell and move into a single level house. With everything on 3 different levels it can get difficult to handle carrying laundry up 2 flights of stairs etc. I’m on a cleaning rampage and I’m going to find it!

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        1. So far no luck. But I haven’t started the spring cleaning just yet – that’s when I’ll unearth it! This year I’m looking in every single drawer – we have the neighborhood garage sale coming in May and I’m going to get rid of as much as possible!!

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    1. Hahaha! Yes there was “something in the air tonight” as Phil Collins would sing. Fortunately it was taken care of by the super air purifier that Sparky got as a Christmas gift!! It works fast and quietly… once I turn it off the Febreeze is coming out!


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