Looking Tangled

Sparky has a history of unfortunate events involving the hair under his arms. I might have written about the disaster with the roll-on deodorant. In case you missed that post (back when I was on Xanga) the synopsis is that he ran out of his solid stick deodorant and decided to use my roll-on. All was fine until he attempted to remove the applicator from his arm pit. That’s when he discovered that he had twirled the hair under his arm around the applicator ball. I was able to gently cut the hair and free him from that entanglement. I did have some difficulty – mostly because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see clearly through the tears.

Fast forward to this most recent episode. (He learned and will never ever use a roll-on product ever again! There is a reason that the roll-on is marketed to women exclusively.) He was getting ready for work and was preparing to shower. As he took his shirt off he felt a mighty pull and pain – from his under arm. Concerned that he might have severely pulled a muscle or possibly was experiencing a heart attack, he yelled for me. After expressing his concern, I managed to get him to raise his arm just a little. I spied the problem immediately. Seems that the new exercise shirt had a little bit of lint and some loose threads that with his vigorous arm motion while exercising had tangled in his luxurious underarm hair. In other words he had a mat that was pulling his skin and hair. The tangle was so tight that there was no space between the mat and his skin. The only solution was to get out the razor and shave the mat off. He was terrified! I assured him that I had over half a century experience shaving underarms and that it wouldn’t take but a second. I was true to my word and freed him from his pain. It was very hard to keep my hands from shaking as I was suppressing laughter. Of course my mirth was audible even over the sound of the water running in the shower!

There is never ending amusement at my house. You can cry or you can laugh – we choose to laugh!


37 thoughts on “Looking Tangled

          1. wanting to honour your poem, I came up with the idea to share it as found poetics, giving the source/author/ooet; if you don’t want it a) at all or find b) any changes needed – just say the word. Thanks for writing;


  1. The poor man should just shave like most American women do. In my dotage, I confess that I am taking some delight in shunning the custom of shaving. Pits get shaved about twice a year as the hair seems to harbor stinky bacteria and I’ve stopped shaving one leg. Why one leg, you might ask? I’m curious to see if anyone notices. So far, nobody has commented if they have. This reinforces my belief that women of a certain age are sexually invisible to most, and the failing vision of our mates allows them to see us as perpetually beautiful.

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    1. Hehe! This reminds me of my mother. She was going in for surgery and they told her she needed to shave her underarms and wash with a special soap, etc. I was staying with her to get her to and from the hospital. Well, the night before she was prepping and I asked if she had shaved. She responded that she didn’t need to as she didn’t have any underarm hair anymore. I simply reached over and to hold of a hunk of snow white hair about 4″ long and said, “Then what’s this?” She nearly fainted! She was mortified and kept saying that she had been wearing sleeveless tops and not one of her friends had said anything! Chances are that no one’s eyesight was sufficient to see her underarm hair! Let me know how your experiment turns out….. hehehehe!


        1. Hahaha!! Oh my! You just made me laugh!! My great grandmother once killed a cowboy on TV with a fart – the sound track was out of sync and her fart on a wooden chair made him fall over dead!!


  2. This story makes me think of a cat we had , a tiny thing with 2inch long fur. It tangled and she wouldn’t allow us to comb her. In her younger days the pet groomer shaved her so that she looked like a tiny poodle. In her old age she couldn’t handle the experience so her fur grew long and she developed mats under her legs just like your husband. We had to remove them with scissors and it was a tussle. We used to say if only we could have the cat speak English for five minutes we could explain to her and the procedure would go better. So at least you could explain to your husband about the solution ( and he didn’t claw you in the process!). This story made me laugh!


    1. Yes that is a familiar story! My sister just had to get her geriatric Maine Coon Cat shaved – he was just so old that he wasn’t grooming! After the shave down he was embarrassed and hid for several days! Glad Sparky’s situation could generate some mirth!! We have quite the circus on some days….

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    1. Hehe! Sorry (sort of). I’ve learned not to eat or drink at the computer – at least not when reading some of my WP subscriptions… Hope the chuckle was worth the clean-up!


  3. What a hoot! I am glad it was nothing remotely resembling a heart issue. As for myself, I wore long pants, exclusively, for the twenty-nine years of our marriage, going to shorts relatively recently. I have next to little body hair, below the armpits.


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