Looking Sunny

Spring was attempting to arrive in Northern Indiana. Key word was attempting. I left on an airplane on the 8th of March headed to Florida and the “sister’s Reunion” and arrived amid full sun and very pleasant temperatures. It felt like summer. I’ve been able to read your posts and even read comments on my blog. Commenting is another matter altogether. I tried to reply to comments using my iPad. It was very spotty. One reply would post and the next would evaporate into the ether of the interwebs. I attempted to comment on your posts with absolutely no success with the phone. So commenting was a gamble that I often lost. I’m posting this from my sister’s computer but have limited time. Forgive me for not being present on your posts – I am going through WordPress withdrawal! The symptoms include moments of agitation because I miss reading your posts, a nervousness that you will forget me, and that pervading angst that I need to respond to all your comments. I am however taking very strong medicine to counteract the symptoms and it is working. It is amazing what walking on the beach, collecting sea shells, laughing with my sisters, and having a generally good time will do!


74 thoughts on “Looking Sunny

          1. That must be a pleasant experience, sitting on a warm beach looking at snow. Just yesterday I was thinking about a warm beach while I walked to work in the snow.


  1. I will still be here when you get back. Have a nice visit. We have Spring one week and winter the next in Kansas. We are in the winter week. Just received 6 inches of snow Wednesday night.


  2. hi Muri, do enjoy – so glad you could get away for a bit. Your post in its entirety felt like a coloured complement fitting snugly to my unwritten puzzle piece of day. Now I can write, enjoying your sun, vicariously. 😊


          1. my only alternative – VERY much a second choice would be to go back to swim in local pool and I remain hesitant; the nrs they allow to book at any one time/session means I would be paddling upright rather than regaining lost speed. 😦


                1. btw – do hot tubs come with bubbles – I mean those valves that push the water out underwater and massage. My fav spa in the south of Ger has them and it is DELICIOUS. When they re-open…


  3. LOL, I hope your walk on the beach lets you know it’s okay to be disconnected for a few days or a week. My comment will be here when you get home. Btw, the sandhill cranes have returned to Wisconsin – sure sign of spring no matter what falls on the ground or the weatherman tells us. Right?


  4. Walking on the beach and collecting shells is the best medicine for whatever ails you. I never had any sisters, but I can imagine that would be good too. Glad you were able to go.


  5. Getting ready for own Southeast jaunt-brother’s place near Atlanta, followed by two weeks of Florida, I hear you about the medicinal beach walks. While this explains your absence from my blog page, there are no worries. Enjoy every minute down there!


    1. Finally home and feeling somewhat rested! The weather was changeable but much warmer than Indiana! We had fresh cilantro from the garden and her petunias were blooming along with her bird of paradise! Hope you have warmer weather and blue skies!


        1. Thanks Gary. These kind of events are held all the time for beginners… The caches are there before the event happened and will remain long afterwards. This is “the year of the hide” so people are putting out new caches at an alarming rate! I can’t keep up! I’m going to have to get together with saintvi and have a caching day soon!

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