Looking Lost Again

I’m starting to think that some things like to be lost. Like glasses – they seem to sneak off at every opportunity. And those pesky socks are forever wandering away from their mates. Yes, I’ve lost my calm, my temper, and my fitbit. I’m a creature of habit. I wouldn’t last 2 minutes in a spy novel as I’d be in the crosshairs of the assassin like clockwork. Fortunately my life is far from a murder mystery or spy story. Instead I’m living with inanimate objects that are able to transport themselves to odd locations to evade capture and use. I take my fitbit off for only one thing – to shower. I place it on the charger. I come back and it is missing! I looked high and low. I thought my mind was going. I was certain that I had placed it on the charger. After spending nearly 2 hours looking for it (without recording any of my steps) it reappeared. Just like that – poof – it was right where I’d left it on the charger.

I gleefully grabbed it only to discover that somehow it had already accumulated 11,591 steps! What!?!?! I pondered for a nanosecond and the light went on. You see Sparky had been complaining that his charger wasn’t working. Since we have identical fitbits (his band broke and he went from a black band to a grey one like mine), he thought he’d put his on my charger. Then he left to play pickleball. When he returned he placed it back on the charger to “top it off”. Except his fitbit was still on his dresser buried under all the stuff he tosses there. So the mystery was solved.

Now I’ve got to find a sock. It shouldn’t be too hard – it is a black sock with yellow smiley faces all over. I’m guessing it is hiding inside a sleeve or pant leg somewhere. Still I suspect it is taking a vacation from being worn. Of course it would be easier if I could find where I left my glasses….


55 thoughts on “Looking Lost Again

    1. If it was a pixie I think I could trap it and hold it for ransom until everything was returned (or trade for pixie dust – I’ve always wanted to go visit Neverland). I doubt angels would be into such aggravating behaviors. Ghosts on the other hand seem to be involved in lots of shenanigans. Considering tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day I might suspect a tricky leprechaun…

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      1. Guess what? I found them where I put them! I just used a different method and after searching high and low, I went back to where they should have been, and they were there…. hiding in the dark partially hidden!! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€£πŸ˜©πŸ€£


  1. Oh, this made me laugh and nod my head like a crazy person! That is so cute! Way to get those steps in, Sparky…or Val! lol. I walked around for over 30 minutes last night looking for plant “food” for my tiny hydroponic grower (I put all my supplies somewhere I wouldn’t forget?????). It dawned on me at bedtime where I had put it. And glasses? I had to go to Eyeglass World (and it was STILL expensive) because I lost my distance glasses-and drive at night with! Life for me is about looking for lost items. If I find your sock I’ll mail it to you!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€πŸ˜‰


  2. oh yes – I did that to my passport not long before my last trip abroad – lost it? no, had tidies it i safely in view of upcoming trip into a zip-able side pocket of new handbag – and immediately forgot all about it.Took weeks t find … πŸ˜€ glad your post implies you are all safe and well otherwise.


  3. wait a minute whose fitbit was on the charger? sorry I’m lost this morning but can certainly relate to lost. Bad enough when I put something some where but with Wil’s dementia lost becomes moved.


    1. It was mine on the charger but Sparky took it thinking it was his. Then when he got back he put it back on the charger… His was sitting on his dresser the whole time! Sparky sometimes accuses me of moving his things when he can’t find them but it is usually a case of him leaving things in odd places…


            1. I’m ruminating. It’s a little tricky since the missing sock still hasn’t been found. I’m taking the approach that the sock will return in its own time – until then its mate is patiently waiting and I’m wondering about its lone adventures….


  4. Socks are easily found; just look in the corners of your fitted sheets. Fitbits are a little trickier, especially if you have cats. They could be under the dryer or any other space that requires crawling on hands and knees to access.


    1. Hehe! No cats in this mouse’s house! As for socks in fitted sheets, it just won’t happen… I never wear socks to bed and I wash my sheets separate from all other laundry – to avoid that very problem! I think my washer is eating them. For now I’m checking all the sleeves and pant legs. Today was 5 loads of laundry since Sparky didn’t do his while I was away and I came home with a suitcase full.


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