Looking Forward to Poetry Month

It is just around the corner – National Poetry Month! I have not forgotten so I’ve put together a little scavenger hunt. I think that this time I’m going to go easier on you. There will be a little more flexibility. I’ve been trying to be more spontaneous and to that end I thought that I’d give you “either/or” prompts. Of course anyone who wants to be an over achiever is welcome to do both sides of the coin, so to speak. The prompts will number 13 as that is the number of M-W-F posting days according to my schedule (and since I’m doing it I get to choose). In keeping with the theme of flexibility you are free to post them all at once, every day, every other day, just the 2 that tickled your muse, or do them all once with the either and then do them all again with the or. (Have I exhausted or confused you? Sorry.) Without further ado – 2022 NPM Flex:

1. Write a Bob and Wheel poem or write a poem using the word “elastic”
2. Write a Cascade poem or write a poem using the word “limber”
3. Write a Decima poem or write a poem using the theme of roses
4. Write an Alouette poem or write a poem using the word “yield”
5. Write a Golden Shovel poem or write a poem incorporating the theme of change
6. Write a Blues Stanza or write a poem using the theme of resilience
7. Write an Irregular Ode or write a poem using the words “spy” and “deep”
8. Write a Kyrielle or write a poem on servitude
9. Write a Espinela poem or write a poem on the theme of passion
10. Write a Nonet poem or write a poem using the words “joint” and “bent”
11. Write an Ottava Rima or write on the theme of vision
12. Write a Waltmarie poem or write about healing
13. Write a Rant Prose poem or write about blindness

As always, put a link in your page to this post so that others can join the fun. And of course, comment to me so that I can come read your delightful work and be amazed and awed by the immense talent of the WP community!!


544 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Poetry Month

    1. A really thoughtfully composed Etheree and Reverse Etheree. I see no rules being broken – not even bent! So true that the result for those being served is the same no matter the agenda of the server.


    1. It has been glummy here nearly every day – unless it is clowy (cold and snowy)… Your cascade certainly makes a clever point (my sister lives near Philadelphia) and according to my sources is absolute truth!! The Choka is so well written and with vivid imagery that I had to read it twice to savor it!!


    1. I think this one behaved very well!! An awesome poem on a topic that has been foremost in many minds during the pandemic when getting together was a risky proposition… Love your Kyrielle ❤ ❤


    1. WordPress has been goofy lately. I thought someone I’d been following had stopped posting but it turns out WP just unsubscribed me. Then it happened again and again to different people. I’m suspicious that if you don’t have a paid site they limit the number of people you can follow and just “prune” your list randomly! I have no hard as fast rules for the scavenger hunt – so poem away any way you desire!! I’m always glad to have another accomplished poet join the fun!!

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    1. Wonderful! I’m so tickled that you have been participating with such amazing poetry! We are coming down the home stretch – can’t wait to see how you finish up this scavenger hunt!!


    1. Congrats and thanks for playing with the prompts this NPM scavenger hunt. I’m considering another one in Sept but haven’t decided if I should or not. If you’d be interested just comment a “I vote yes/no”!


    1. Yes it does! And I have to say, your rant was very worthy! The bare shelves continue but it is much more random. No sardines one week, no cottage cheese the next, and all of a sudden no yellow cake mix! It is almost like someone playing a piano where the random notes indicat what will be in short supply… or are we being played?? And the prices just keep going up and up.


    1. I love it!! I get tangled in the iambic pentameter so prefer the more modern irregular ode. You took the ode to new heights of irregularity – as any poet is prone to do – since we are all rebels in a way!! Thanks so so much for joining in and making this scavenger hunt successful!! Hope to see you around still!


    1. Hi Jeannette! I’m glad you found me too! I’m going to be doing another one in September so stay tuned! (I try to make them interesting and a little challenging but not too difficult!)

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    1. I miss her posts both on WP and Xanga. I still hang my little “MoonCat” ornament on the Christmas tree every year! Once she disappeared I decided that if she wouldn’t be doing a scavenger hunt I’d just have to take up the mantle and do them myself!! The next one will be in September – mark your calendar!!

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