Looking to Bounce Back

“Hey babe, can you give me a loan?”
He asks an allowance cloaked as a loan
Carrying him on waitress tips makes me moan

“Naw,” I answer, “the bank’s tapped out
You’ll have to stay in instead of go out”
But he slaps me hard and begins to shout

“Give me the money, all your cash!”
Ransacks the room, “Give me your cash!”
Screams, “give it or I’ll take you out like the trash”

He heads for the kitchen to the cookie jar
Knows I keep extra in that old cookie jar
By the time he returns I’ve started my car

I’m already halfway down the street
Mama’s house is far down the next street
I look back and he’s chasing in bare feet

This was the last straw and he knows
No more chances, I know he knows
I won’t take his temper or his blows

I’ve seen his sweet side and love’s word
But I have my limits so no love’s my word
No more chances this strike’s your third

My mama didn’t raise no fool
You had your shot but I won’t play the fool
I can’t abide a man who’s willfully cruel

Starting over without you
Take it or leave it – you do you
I’ll bounce back because we’re through!

This is my attempt at a Blues Stanza for the NPM22 Flex Scavenger hunt using prompt #6 -Write a Blues Stanza or write a poem using the theme of resilience. This form was derived from late 19th century Afro-American lamentation and sadness but can be either sarcastic or ironic as well. There are no limits to the number of stanzas and there is no required meter. The structure consists of 3 line stanzas in a monorhyme. The first 2 lines are a phrase and a rephrase of the topic and share the same end word. When diagramed looks like: AAa, BBb, CCc, DDd,…

The problem of domestic violence is found in every city, every state, every single country on the planet. I have read so many news articles about women being battered and beaten and yet they remain with their abuser. Too often they have nowhere to go and such a sense of helplessness that they cannot imagine any escape. I applaud women who are able to leave those types of relationships and forge a new life…

68 thoughts on “Looking to Bounce Back

  1. An all too common occurrence Murisposis narrated with determination and an beautiful rhythm! 😁👏👌❤️


    1. Yeah Judy. The usual cycle is that he apologizes and woos her with promises and flowers, she returns to him, he continues to verbally, psychologically, and physically abuse her. My hope is that she is able to regain her self-esteem and learn from her mistakes (even if it is not statistically probable).


  2. I liked the bluesy flow of this, Muri, but I felt like the subject didn’t match the form. We sing the blues when we’re stuck, when there’s no way out. Your protagonist got away, but she might wind up singing the blues again in a few weeks when her mom (and mom’s 17 rescue cats) are driving her nuts and she’s tired of sleeping on the couch.

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    1. Hehe! It is more likely that she’ll end up back with the violent boyfriend or with another man of the same ilk – the cycle seems to be on repeat for many women… I hope she enjoys the cats and her mom is a kind and understanding woman, one who will support her daughter and take a rolling pin to that boyfriend should he show up at her door!!


  3. a suitable topic for this format Val, you did it justice … wish more could find a way out.

    We’ve just had six cops guilty of serious DV offences keep their jobs – a loud clear indication of what our law enforcement body thinks of DV! Disgusting in this day and age in a supposedly ‘civilised’ country 😦


    1. I agree that the very people who are supposed to “serve and PROTECT” have a serious moral failing if they are guilty of the very thing they are supposed to prevent/deescalate and even make arrests for! Disgusting is an apt description!! I’m so glad you thought I did right with this poem!

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    1. True that! Children are often pawns use to manipulate the abused spouse and in the worst case abused to punish the abused… a cycle that is repeated generation after generation…


    1. I’m so glad you got caught up in the poem!! I did write a “happy” ending though the chances are that she goes back or ends up finding another man cut from the same cloth…


  4. It felt like you, going through this, so…applause. & really a compliment if you’ve only seen this vicariously, for which i would be very glad. (many of us take a dark path, but ultimately, for the lessons in the Light, yes?)
    (& i see you on my IG, and FB, which i so appreciate. i’m so caught up in the ‘art game’ that i don’t have enough brain or will left to do npm. forgive?)


    1. Kim, you are ever forgiven!! In fact I don’t see any slight that needs forgiveness… I love the art that you are doing and also the photographs of your 2 friends as they wander through this strange world! As for the poem – I have never been in an abusive relationship. I did date a boy in HS who had an explosive temper – we parted suddenly and when I saw him again he was married and in the Army. I suspect he was an abuser (dodging a bullet). Anyway as a keen observer of life and having an empathetic nature I can often imagine the path that others take… ❤

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    1. Yes there are abused men, but the numbers are heavily skewed toward female victims. Just like the Pit bull dogs are singled out as “dangerous” when the Chihuahua more often bites – it is a matter of degree. When a Chihuahua bites it rarely causes an injury that requires medical intervention where a single bite from a big dog can easily result in hospitalization…


  5. Penny’s first words to me, on our first date, were: “I only get hit once, and I’m gone!” Since hitting girls and women was never part of my repertoire, she had no worries.


    1. Penny was spot on! I always said that if I was ever hit in anger, I would leave and never come back. Sparky wouldn’t dream of striking me. I’m not certain what my father said to Sparky when he asked for his blessing for our engagement. I do believe it was on the order of “treat her well or contend with me”!

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        1. Yep! My father was pretty stern and after Sparky spoke with him (privately) there was never anything but respect between them. I’m guessing he told him that any violence would be unacceptable (not that Sparky would dream such a thing)!

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