Looking for Irregular Odes

I settle back take breaths deep
Fluff the pillows and sip my drink
Try to read but start to fall asleep
The words pull me in and I swim in ink
Struggle with letter eddies and commas that leap
Gulp down words I never wrote
I spy a refuge as I’m going under
Poetry’s tendrils to keep me afloat
Dream castle oasis with protecting moat
It’s no use as I give into slumber

What liquid languid dreams I find
Run my fingers through sparkling pools
Splashing through my muddled mind
From imaginations’ stream I’m plucking jewels
Such wealth to these waters assigned
Until a phrase of beauty I spy
Poet’s muse shouts “Stop thief!”
Too late gather red roses and the bluest sky
Summer’s rain and Autumn’s fiery leaf
I slip awake to write of love’s sad sigh

This is my post for NPM 22 Flex Scavenger Hunt prompt #7 – Write an Irregular Ode or write a poem using the words “spy” and “deep”. The Irregular Ode is, well, irregular. The line lengths are uneven, the meter is not enforced, and even the rhyme scheme is shifty! To be sure it must have 10 lines per stanza and it has to have at least one stanza (though you are encouraged to have more). The rhyme scheme I used is: ABABACDCCD, ABABACDCDC…

Today is Good Friday. It is a day of prayer, fasting, and abstinence as I enter the Triduum which marks the most important Christian Holiday. I will probably not be here to respond to your comments but I will be back.


42 thoughts on “Looking for Irregular Odes

  1. Letter eddies and commas that leap, I love it. I have three library books on my desk at the moment, one for each of the monthly discussion groups. All are well-written and interesting, but when I sit down to read, the pages blur before my eyes, I read the same line five times as sleepiness plows me under. Keep up the good work, we’ve reached the halfway point!


    1. Thanks Joan! You can probably guess that I’ve had my struggles in keeping my eyes open when reading… the latest book is a bit dry but I’ve been assured that it picks up if you can wade through the first couple chapters! Happy Easter!


  2. This is beautiful! It also describes perfectly what I feel when “I’m trying to think and nothing happens!” When I stop trying so hard, the thoughts naturally flow into my brain and out my fingers.

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    1. I’m so happy you like this one!! So far this month, you’ve been gushing poetry from those fingers! Hope you have a very Happy Easter!
      p.s. Son#2 saw the card you sent and asked if son#1 had seen it.. I said no, but since he’s headed over here tomorrow it is very likely he will! I’m guessing he’ll get a laugh out of it!


  3. Love the rhythm and pace of this and the images, especially:
    ‘Splashing through my muddled mind/
    From imaginations’ stream I’m plucking jewels’.
    Hope you enjoyed a Happy Easter.


    1. Thanks tons Marion. I’m so pleased that those lines caught your imagination! We had a wonderful Easter and continue the Eastertime celebration. Hope your Easter was filled with joy!


    1. Ha! And swim in that pool of imagination and delight is what I try to do every night. Sometimes gathering inspiration and other times gripping words and phrases that flop like fish until I wake to capture them…

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