Looking at Passions

The sleepless long for pleasant dreams
Lovers crave the tender embrace
Seeks consent in the eyes and face
The thirsty search for icy streams

The heart’s inferno drives extremes
The primal urge to find a mate
Clouds eyes and reason abdicate
Limbs entwined and thought overthrown
With abandon love’s seed is sown
And wedding vows sealed passionate

This is my offering for NPM 22 Flex Scavenger Hunt using prompt #9 – Write a Espinela poem or write a poem on the theme of passion. This form is Spanish in origin and consists of 2 stanzas with 4 end rhymes across 10 lines with only 8 syllables per line. The first stanza is 4 lines with a rhyme scheme of abba, and the second stanza is 6 lines with a rhyme scheme of accddc.

This is a nod to this date (because I came of age in the late 1970s) and 420 had significance among some of my peers. On a much more personal note, Sparky’s parents are now part of the 420 culture. Both of them have had some significant pain related to various conditions. His father’s spinal simulator isn’t working all that well any more which means he has a great deal of pain preventing him from sleeping. His mother has had a couple of falls and the tests showed some compression fractures of vertebrae. In the meantime she is in a lot of discomfort. After lots of complaining and a ton of questions, some of the grandchildren decided to go ahead and procure some edibles for the grandparents. The results are mixed. It doesn’t seem to alleviate any pain for Sparky’s dad BUT he is sleeping very soundly and feels refreshed upon awakening. For Sparky’s mom it helps sometimes and sometimes not. We think the issue is eating the gummie with a meal versus on an empty stomach. Seems eating with a meal mutes the effect….


48 thoughts on “Looking at Passions

  1. “The heart’s inferno drives extremes.” Truer words never spoken, primal passion does crazy things to a person. The 420 culture is growing… I read in NYT yesterday about a big city in Canada that had 12 pot stores a few years ago and now has 413! As with your in-laws, results among users I know have been mixed. Some strains intensify whatever the person is feeling (so, not good choices for pain management) while others make them mellow or sleepy. Edibles have the strongest effect but take longer to work. Well done on the Espinela, I think this is the first time we’ve done the same prompt on the same day.

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    1. Thanks Joan! The topic of passion isn’t one I generally tackle but I needed to stretch this NPM so there you go! I’m so pleased you found truth in these words. As for 420 culture, although it isn’t legal in my state we are so close to a state where it is legal that my in-laws are comfortable giving it a try. It has helped a bit and is safer and less expensive than the narcotic pain pills that the doctor prescribed (which do remove the pain as well as the ability to walk, talk, maintain balance and even messes with the digestive system)! It was due to happen since I’m doing the prompts in order… others have posted the same form on the same day I have!

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  2. You continue to amaze me, Muri, with how you combine the either/or in your poems. Well done across the board!

    Chronic pain is wearing not only physically but mentally and emotionally also. I feel for your parents.


    1. Thanks Stephanie! I wrote the prompts to challenge myself (along with any others who participate) so I’m pretty darned pleased that these are working out! My husband’s parents are managing their discomforts as best they can – we think the fall that caused my MIL’s back injury was in part due to pain meds for her knee… Now that she is not taking the pills her balance is better and she doesn’t need the walker in the house!


    1. Thanks Kerfe! The pain is being controlled with the THC gummies and that makes everyone happier. As for passion – it scrambles the thoughts and confuses the body pushing all logic to the curb!

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  3. Guess I need to look into those edibles, if a new a product name it would help. lol They are going to increase my pain meds as I’m not ready for the Vertifler or whatever it is called to spread the vertebrae.


    1. Thanks Marion! I had to really consider my word choices so I’m tickled pink that everyone seems to relate to this one! As for Sparky’s parents, they are still going strong and living independently. Of course they come from very long lived stock as both his grandmothers lived to 100 yrs.


    1. I’m delighted that you really like this one! Better late than never and since I don’t take down posts I often get comments on posts so far in the past that I have to go look up the post to figure out the comment! Yours is just a few days past…


  4. Love this. I’m sorry to hear about Sparky’s dad. It’s difficult for sure…but I’d try edibles for my parents if they’d do it and it’d help. Hope all is well with you.


  5. It can depend on the variety what the effect is. I use Indica for sleep, and I take the tincture so I don’t smoke in front of my granddaughter and it doesn’t affect me with carbs. But there are different varieties that help with different things.


    1. Yep. That’s why they went to the professionals at the dispensary to get the kind that would be the best for them. The first batch was a trial run and the success warranted a trip to fine tune the strength and type…

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