Looking Sexy

I played with the form known as the Jue Ju or Jueju (depending on the poetry site you use). This form is from the Chinese which they consider a “modern” type since it isn’t as old as the oldest Chinese forms. But I digress. The Jueju is a 4 line poem that consists of 5 or 7 word signs that when converted to English can either mean 5 or 7 words per lines OR 5 or 7 syllables per line. The poem uses compact language to maximize meaning. This form is often erotic. So for your enjoyment – a sexy Jueju!

His clothes slowly, carelessly dropped
She watched breathless, blushing, bedside
Her eyes cast downward paused
He gathered clothes for laundry

Now before you are too disappointed in this teaser. I just want all the guys to know that there is absolutely nothing sexier to a woman than a man who can decrease her work load. If a guy can find the laundry basket with his dirty clothes, help wash the dishes, give the kids a bath… that man has engaged in the most wonderful foreplay known to woman!

As an aside, I’m going to be traveling for the next 10 days. I’m geocaching with Sparky across Utah hitting 5 National Parks in 8 days. It has been my experience that cell reception and internet connections are spotty at best and completely unreliable as the norm. If I’m absent from your sites and there are no comments from me do not despair. I will attempt to drop in as I can on the road and I’ll try my best to catch up once I return! See you all on the 25th!

60 thoughts on “Looking Sexy

              1. I feel balance in my life. Like today I worked all day because Wrangler worked. And tonight we took the Hudson Hornet for a cruise to relax. 15000 steps today. No walk or exercise causing it to rise.


                    1. The last couple days hiking and geocaching I’ve had over 15000. It has certainly not seemed like that many steps. Guess when you are having fun you don’t notice!


  1. Val, you are such a tease! I was looking forward to a racy end!
    Seriously though, I agree with you. Nothing can be more sexy than a man who helps around at home.
    Enjoy your trip. We have been forewarned. Don’t worry too much about catching up.


    1. Oh Punam! I’m so sorry that this one let you down (hehe). Sparky is very helpful… This trip I hope I can remember to take lots of photos. If not I’m pretty sure Sparky will be. I will miss blogging so I’ve scheduled a couple posts. If possible I’ll pop in and spend some time but that is not a guarantee!

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  2. Oh, how exciting! I hope you find perfect weather because in that area, weather can make all the difference in the experience. I can’t wait to see my favorite places through your eyes. Do you have a copy of Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire to read on the way?
    Oh, the poem was spot on. My partner mows the lawn when he’s feeling frisky. At our age, it tires him out and then we have “oral” sex; that’s when we TALK about how good it was when we were young.

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    1. Hahahaha! I have to stop laughing before I can discuss the trip!! We are flying into my least favorite city and I hope we can get out of there quickly! As for reading, I’m not sure I have time to go to the library before the trip to snag that book – We are geocaching our way to each of the National Parks. The weather is supposed to be hot and dry so we will be taking lots of water with us!


  3. Well done, Muri. I wondered what you were looking “down” at, and wasn’t disappointed at all. Men who pick up their own clothes are sooooo sexy. Have fun on your trip!


  4. I’m not in the poetry mood writing-wise, but I loved your teaser anyway.


    No gossip girls came,
    Nor anger from men.
    Pepsi and black dip
    Had me at first kiss.


  5. I’m going to be traveling for the next 10 days. I’m geocaching with Sparky across Utah hitting 5 National Parks in 8 days.

    Enjoy, Muri & Sparky!



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