Looking Cryptic

I apologize in advance for the cryptic nature of this post. It is important to me to share and yet it is equally important to preserve the privacy of individuals. With that disclaimer, I leave it to you to ‘read between the lines’ and decipher as you can.

Hurt and pain can come at anytime and from any direction. For the empathetic, it is the same whether it is their own or that of someone they love – they feel deeply. When the whole of their world is in agony, only the strongest can withstand the battering.

Being strong is not being able to stand immovable. Mountains appear strong but they are being eroded by wind and water. I see strength as the wind. It moves or is moved yet no knife cuts to its heart. Hurl arrows and they are slowed and finally fall unable to reach their mark. It slides effortlessly around the world. It parts for obstacles yet leaves its mark.

They say to go with the flow. There are some who visualize the flow of time, the Qi, or tides. It is always more work to go against the flow. Going with the flow relieves you of decision-making, responsibility, even the need to make an effort. There comes a time when you have to choose a path. Some are much more difficult than others. If you jump into the ocean, you have to know that you must either swim against the tide to reach land, go with the flow which will leave you open to the whims of your surroundings, or sink to the bottom. Life is choices – choose wisely.

Just so you know, everyone is afraid. The fearless still have that seed of fear waiting to spring into full flower. Some are so afraid that they cower from their own shadow. Some folks walk around whistling a happy tune so that no one will know they are afraid. Others challenge their fears. They do deeds of daring – base jumping, skydiving, running triathlons, pushing their minds and bodies to the limit and pushing fear away. But the fear is always there and they continue to push until it finally pushes back. And they face the biggest fear of all – death.

My advice – shed a tear for those hurting, and cry when you are hurt. The tears will wash you clean. Then rise up and be the wind and go where you will. Jump in and swim against the current. Become a friend to fear and let it be the voice of reason as you dance and spin. Take it with you on your journey….

And that’s all I have to say about that.

62 thoughts on “Looking Cryptic

    1. Thanks David! It is necessary at times for me to write to a specific audience without being blatant. I hope they think it beautiful or at least helpful….


    1. Thanks Michel. This was written because I have friends/family members who are being bullied, searching for their place in the world and within themselves and are fearful of decisions that they must make…


    1. Thanks Kaela but I’m fine it is others I’m writing to. I have several family members struggling with identity, bullying, decisions that will shape their lives in ways they do not understand or anticipate.


  1. No idea who/what this post is about, but sending hugs and courage to face the situation bravely. I agree about the tears. That’s why shrinks always have tissues at the ready. Holding it in is far more damaging than letting it out.


  2. That’s very well said Val. So many Bullies feed on fear and sometimes you just need to find that small slither of hope and strength


    1. Thanks Mimu. The persons this was for are having many problems that require bravery. They are always surrounded by friends and family to remind them that there is hope and love…

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      1. I understand. It’s really a generation gap issue. With time our issues have evolved dramatically. It’s more bugging because it’s about mental health and so much more difficult to solve


        1. Not just mental health but the pressure to stay current with the technology! Everything is moving very fast and it is a struggle to balance needs for self care and still stay in front of the curve…


            1. Thanks Susi. I went through the usual teen angst but the level among today’s teens is off the scale and the job market is screaming for workers but all the jobs are part-time with no benefits…

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                1. Me too. But as I enjoy retirement, I see that others will never have the luxury of retiring from an employer after 28 years… That sense of stability is long gone. Then they have their own personal demons to wrestle with on top of everything else.

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                  1. Yeah, I see it too. I especially worry for my kids but thankfully, they are level-headed and understand the challenges of life, as well as how to prepare for them.


                    1. Some children are able to face challenges with more equanimity than others. The people I wrote this for are filled with self doubt and fear… I hope they listen and realize they are not alone and the challenges are not insurmountable.

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