Looking at Longing

With sun in my eyes
Evade my gaze, look away
Away from what is or was
Wake me
Always from dreams
I attempt still weary
To find a searching heart
Longing for a golden ring
One special companion
Venture into a future
Even as the past follows

A little acrostic for your reading pleasure. How is it that humans are never satisfied? We find the smallest thing and are intent on possessing it. We pin our whole happiness on that one thing. For some it is a car and others a wedding ring. Some desire wealth, fame, education, praise, those intangible things while others want a motorcycle, a computer, the latest iPhone, that one pair of tennis shoes. And when they get what they wanted find it isn’t enough. I have found that true happiness is a sense of gratitude and satisfaction wrapped in connections with others.

31 thoughts on “Looking at Longing

  1. I love how you expressed the quiet futility of searching for happiness outside of ourselves. Like Dorothy, we find we had the ability to find happiness we sought all along.


    1. We all have the ability but few have the vision or self awareness! Too many people put their faith in material possessions when the true treasure is our connections to others.💜


  2. I love how you express this idea of constant searching, especially in the last two lines! I agree with you that true happiness and satisfaction comes from our connections. I find that when I am living in the moment and enjoying something simple with my family and friends, I am most happy and peaceful.

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  3. Like Martha, I have some stuff that really makes me happy: the Wanderlust waiting in the garage provides dreams of adventure; a pile of compost heaped in the garden promising a verdant garden; two bicycles that whisper invitations to ride like the wind, But you’re right, none of those things would mean a thing if I didn’t have someone to share them with.


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