Looking at We’ave Written Weekly

This weeks We’ave Written Weekly poetry prompt hosted by David on the Skeptic’s Kaddish is from Britta. Her challenge was to write any poem using one of the words from her poem as the title… That leaves it wide open as her poem is dense with delightful words! So here goes.

Drunken Crows
With feathered wing and piercing eye
We grow and fledge, take to the sky
We fly through life thinking we are above

Haughty birds we flock together
Prance and preen with shiny feather
Unaware of the iridescent lies

We play on thermals in the sun
Swoop and loop until day is done
And only in landing see the flight path

As night descends and all goes dark
The crowns slip from proud monarch
And soon realize we are just drunken crows

This was written as a Tripadi, a Bengali poetic form written in tercets. There must be at least on tercet but there is no limit on the total number. Each tercet is syllabic and rhyming with a rhyme scheme of a/a/x (where x is unrhymed) and a syllable count of 8/8/10.

As many know I’m a fan of the crow. On our trip to the mountains we saw ravens, which are in the same family as crows but a much bigger version, kind of the Midwest crow on steroids. Anyway the Indiana crow is not a wimpy bird, being corn fed and growing into a formidable scavenger. That said, the crow is playful. They have been noted as one of the animals capable of play. And play they do! On a warm day when the heat on the pavement shimmers, there in the air unseen by the human eye are hot air thermals creating a roller-coaster ride for the crows. They will ride these up and up without a single flap of a wing and then exit and slowly spiral then plummet toward the ground. At the last minute they adjust and with flapping wings re-enter the thermal just to do it all over again. It reminds me of people who play around and never consider that are inferior to nature or other people. But life has a way of turning the mirror so that we see exactly how silly and often insignificant we really are in the larger scheme of things.

31 thoughts on “Looking at We’ave Written Weekly

  1. I’ve never seen crows do that. They do like to play “King of the mountain” on one of the water towers nearby though. They are noisy about it too. (K)


  2. I love ravens (and crows). Once on a hike in CA I made it up a narrow, steep trail. At the top a group of ravens was surfing on thermals. I took a seat on a nearby rock and they started showing off for me. It was so much fun hanging out with them.


    1. Yep! I like crows – one of the things I miss about working is the “crow boys” who would escort me to my building from the parking lot every morning. The crows have personality plus!

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  3. Here in SA I’ve only seen grackles but when in Austin I saw and heard crows. ?? Of course we have other birds as well. pigeons, doves, blue jays… I see less now that I have no feeders out.


    1. The grackles are interesting birds with their golden eyes. They make quite the racket as well. The songbirds here are doing well without the feeders. Seems the feral cats have figured out that with the feeders there is easy prey. So most have removed the feeders. We have quite a bit of wild space with plenty of grasses and seed bearing plants…


    1. I don’t know about them holding grudges but they do recognize different people – especially if food is involved. My husband wanted to create a crow army by getting them to come to the yard for eats but he hasn’t been consistent enough to get the crows to show up on a schedule…

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  4. Really enjoyed the prose of the crows…. They are a fascinating bird and I have watched many times around our 5 acres. As usual, I loved your poem. Hope you are well. Cheers! Joe


  5. I too love the corvids, especially the Magpies. On my recent trip, I watched a crow in Capital Reef being tormented by a family of smaller birds. Each time one of the birds would dive bomb him, he would squawk pitifully. I had to remind myself that he probably had it coming.


    1. We enjoyed Capital Reef NP – it was much less crowded and still had beautiful rock formations! That poor crow! I sometimes think they get picked on just because they are there!


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