Looking for Comfort

I mentioned way back in July 2021 that it was the year of the mattress. Son#1 and #2 both received new mattresses as early Christmas gifts. I wanted a new mattress for my bed too. Here we are almost a year later and I still don’t have an upgrade. I priced them, again, and the cost is crazy high. I was informed at the Mattress Depot that the prices reflect the added costs of shipping since some of the mattresses are manufactured overseas! Anyway, the result was no new sleep set for the master bedroom.

The real story is the guest bed. Son#2 mentioned that he can’t handle sleeping more than 2 nights on the ancient mattress. To be fair that mattress was a college graduation gift from my father way back in 1979. Which if you do the math makes it 43 years old. It is an Englander, which back in the day was a very highly regarded product (and they are still going strong). Anyway, with the prospect of getting son#2 to stay a little longer, we invested in a new mattress for the guest bed. It also coincided with my sister’s planned (but canceled) visit, so that was a bonus. Granted the new mattress probably won’t last 40 years, but I probably won’t either!

The reviews are in for the new mattress:
“It’s bouncy but not saggy. A big improvement.” – Son#1
“No more nightmares! Finally a firm mattress.” – Son#2
“Nice! Not that I’ll ever need to sleep in that room!” – Sparky
“Cushy! It feels like my own mattress!” – SIL when she stopped over
“Real comfortable.” – SIL’s partner in crime (who had to try it out too)
“No dent in the middle!” – murisopsis
“Good. A firm mattress.” – RighteousBruin9 aka peacefulwarrior9 aka A Sagittarian Seeker
So there you have it – the mattress is a winner!

32 thoughts on “Looking for Comfort

  1. Loved this post🤓. We finally bought a new mattress for our bed after many years of putting it off. We should have bought a new one at least five, possibly even ten years sooner. What a science it is to pick a mattress these days. Back in the olden days, there was a choice between soft and hard and that was it. Now, the choice is confusing and decidedly pricey. But oh, the difference a nice mattress makes!!! Good luck with all your mattress endeavours.


    1. Thanks Britta. We have put a memory foam topper on as a stop gap measure… I’m watching for a sale (probably in September) so that I can get a mattress at a decent price!


  2. A good matress is really a must for a goodnight sleep. I used to went on an air bnb rental in one of my trips during pandemic, and the matress was awful…( forgive me people) and small..🙄🙄 but i didn’t have the choice then because it was pandemic and there were very few air bnb available


  3. I got a new mattress before the pandemic, and was surprised at how different the new mattress was compared to the old one I had (from an estate sale). It arrived compressed, and I had to give it time to fully expand and respond as intended. Who knew that in 50+ years, mattresses would change so much?

    I’m a truly messy sleeper with my fibro, and I’m all over the bed, so I need it to stay comfy on every spot. It truly does!


  4. Think our Sterns and Foster is 20 yrs. old and to heavy for us to flip now as we did for years. Not sure our home insurance would cover any one hurt from flipping it. 🙂 Couple spots on the sides where we sit but otherwise still very firm.


  5. I have a dislike for mattress shopping. Wrangler wants to upgrade to a king. I hesitate because it would overwhelm the bedroom and because I have all the bedding we would need and I am cheap. And also because I don’t want to go mattress shopping again.


    1. King mattresses are crazy expensive! And the bedding is twice what a queen is! Since Wrangler isn’t 6’6″ and 400 pounds I can’t see what the advantages of a King would be??


  6. Oh~!, oh~!, Oh~! WORDPRESS still has a hard spot for me, and I can not usually find a place to make comments. Maybe I should take them up on that offer for that “(Free domain available.)”, but you see I already have three but they date back for several years,but actually are part of my problems . I refuse to add to this stupidity. But I need to let you know that I am really here and not only: “SOMEONE”, sometime called other things and sometime no acknowledgment at all~!

    FIRST, I had a great Father’s Day, the best gift that “kids” can give their parents, is a simple acknowledgment of the fact that they exist.. Both my sons “conspired” to donate their full day to making my life a more pleasant one, with all the little things that I now find difficult to do for myself~! It sure beats dumb things that I really do not need; but still also appreciate like COOKIES, PLANTS, AND FUNNY Father’s Day CARDS, even the ones that include sort of a “put down” mentioning my age or (lack of) a love life~!

    SECOND~ To answer another of your post, the only thing my mattress already has in resident two cats and a dog so it really only needs is a loving lady smuggler to comfort me, however I am still always working on this problem~!

    THIRD~ I accidentally picked up the wrong, very large, jar of unsalted cashews which had the bland torpid texture and taste of a girl I once dated in high school. So I think that your recipe for the Almonds may work on them too,, I will let you know how it works out, because I have all the ingredients, including an $18 jar of unsalted cashew nuts.

    FOUR~ As to Genes, My prodigy has not yet “got the bug”, it appears that most of us sometime delay getting the urge to check out our genealogy until it is almost too late to do much about it, forgetting that the answers are, by then, long gone~! I have files full of data and can not find anyone (eligible) to pass it on to.

    FIVE- “Silver Linings” I have been too busy to take your challenge on that yet, but the day is still young and it is too hot to even to go skinny dipping in my lake, which is almost dry from the heat anyway. Thanks for thinking about us shut ins though~!

    SIX~ “Drunken Crows”, FUNNY, but I was watching Buzzards circling around on my walk this morning and wondered if many others actually knew that they migrate by flying around in circles, looking for “uplifts” or hot air, so they travel many, many times the distance from point A to point B, looking for LIFT~!. (kind of like some of us), I was thinking about writing about that soon~!

    SEVEN~ I REFUSE TO WRITE ABOUT MY SUPER SIZED FEET, the result of my going barefooted until I was about 10 years old, when I finally started wearing shoes full time. But they are not misshaped, as I see in so many women who wear shoes that are too narrow~~!

    I hope this brings you up to date on my life and post which did not seem to fly originally, almost like those BUZZARDS, which I watched in Chili who, after eating too much, needed to run full speed off a high cliff, just to take off,,, and even then only flew around in circles.



    1. Oh SAM! I am very entertained by your list! I always know it is you since your email address gives you away! I never knew you had big feet – but fallen arches do make feet longer. When I was pregnant my feet got bigger and then when I wasn’t my arches sprang back and my feet shrank!


      1. Are you saying that I need to get pregnant to be able to go a shoe size smaller~? Actually they are not too long; the webs between my toes, from being from Louisiana are actually the problem.


        1. Haha! NO. I was saying that pregnancy makes your feet BIGGER!! So absolutely Do Not get pregnant! I hear that there are surgeons that can fix the webbing between your toes. Or maybe you join a swim team and become a swimming sensation? Hope your weekend looks cooler and your dating pool deeper!


  7. I’m going to have to buy one sometime — but meanwhile I got a memory foam topper which is doing the job on top of my 15 year old mattress. I hate that things don’t last (said the lady who had to buy a new fridge)…


  8. I changed my eight or ten year old mattress to a new one. In fact, got rid of the entire set and got a sleigh bed. Love this mattress. Love the hidden drawers within the frame work. I am happy your son likes the new mattress. Yes, they are crazy expensive. I am glad i won’t have to change mine anytime soon.


  9. ey wey that reminds me when I return from current travel in Europe I need to repair my bed’s undercarriage – it’s a caravan bunk and one of the panels is cracked – leaving the mattress to sag where I sit during the day – figured I get a chip board 60x50cm to reinforce the seat. Hopefully that will do the trick. Happy mattress hunting, Muri. I have a new spare one in my shed but it’s a long story – so I pass. 🙂


    1. Matt I did a ton of research – it is confusing. Son#1 went with a traditional mattress with coils and springs (A Sealy) but son#2 wanted a mattress in a box and we settled on an OkiOki. So far they are both very happy with their mattresses! Hope you find one that you like!

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  10. Yes, I did have a wonderful night’s sleep on June 15. A rule of thumb is to change out furnishings every nineteen years. These days, though, few mattresses, or some other furnishings, last that long.


    1. Very true. The mattress was overdue. The sofa in the family room has seen better days – and will likely need to be replaced soon though I’m not sure what kind the replacement will be… They just don’t make things to last like they used to!

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