Looking Watery

Over on David’s Skeptic’s Kaddish the We’ave Written Weekly Poet of the week Sylvia Cognac has issued a challenge to use the prompt “water” in a poem. In her poem “Cold Feet” she writes of wedding jitters. Which turned my mind to honeymoons. Sparky and I were always frugal so our big honeymoon consisted of going to the zoo (we had a really good time). But he has always wanted to do something BIG. With so many of our nieces and nephews marrying with “destination” weddings that incorporated cruises, he decided a cruise was just the thing. So here I am getting ready to embark on a cruise and this prompt generated a little retrospection… A quatern for your enjoyment:
See Sea Water

Sea water castaway day dream
Globe-trotting adventure begun
Surrounded olive waters teem
Geese fly past obscuring the sun

Follow ribbon river onward
Sea water castaway day dream
Tidal currents push me forward
Kelp evergreen salt ocean stream

My blood grows hot and turns to steam
Lips go dry as parchment paper
Sea water castaway day dream
Sweat becomes a rising vapor

Weary from impending sun stroke
Mind conjures visions of ice cream
I head for shore and shade of oak
Sea water castaway day dream

68 thoughts on “Looking Watery

    1. This is a first for us. I’m not a big fan of water despite being born under the sign of Aquarius… I do prefer solid ground but we’ll see what this is like. We are trying to pack light but having to have formal wear and dressy casual is adding to the number of suitcases!!

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      1. Good luck! Just be careful about Covid. My suster-in-law’s friend tested positive the first day of their cruise and she and her husband spent the entire time quarantined in their cabin. I know a few others who spent their vacations in quarantine, but at least they weren’t in a cabin on a cruise ship…


            1. The area we will be visiting is low to moderate numbers of cases but we plan on being very cautious! I’m taking enough masks for one a day disposable N95s so I’m hoping we can stay healthy!

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                1. We are being extra careful this week as a prelude to departure… We were among only a handful at church who were masked… better safe than sorry! (we paid way too much to get sick and not be able to go!)

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        1. Yes, motion sickness as in air travel, car travel, being on a boat… he really doesn’t do carnival rides either! Yes I’m hoping his patches work – for both our sakes…


              1. Good luck – myself, I am currently following some physio on youtube and reinforce aspects with press needles(slightly stronger effect than acupressure but not full needling which I would not be able to do myself). A full-blown tendonitis point is slow,but the others are beginning to respond. So good luck to Sparky! And enjoy the cruise!


                    1. Yep we are seriously packed and now just have to do the last minute things – package up the dog’s bed and food, print out the agenda, pre-register for our flight, and put the last minute toiletries in the suitcases!

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  1. Beautiful poem! I think a honeymoon like that after two people have been married as long as you and Sparky is a million times more romantic than one right after the wedding. Have a wonderful time.


  2. That’s a wonderful itinerary! The water should be relatively smooth at this time of year — and there shouldn’t be too much rain! Alaska is fascinating — glaciers, eagles, whales, and early rustic gold-rush history — it doesn’t get much better! Have fun!


    1. We have excursions to a glacier and on a whale watching boat ride… I’m very hopeful that we will have a good time. The documentation to get to Canada is insane! We finally got everything done and checked in to our flight! (a big relief). Now it is an early bed time and an equally early departure!

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