Looking Before Crossing

It finally looks like it will really happen this year. That specifically is GeoWoodstock XVIII in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada! As you read this we have flown to Vancouver, B.C., passports and vaccination status handy. We have rented a car and arrived in Abbotsford, a hop and a skip from Vancouver. We had planned this trip in 2020 but the pandemic had other plans. Then it was scheduled for 2021 and was likewise scrubbed. There was much trepidation as we were constantly monitoring the ever changing requirements for entry into Canada. The rules for boosters were tightened and then relaxed only to bounce back to more stringent requirements. Doing the best we could we got our boosters on July 28th. We have updated our ArriveCan app on the phones (duly loaded with all the information). We managed to get into Canada without too much problem. GeoWoodstock is lots of fun. Saintvi traveled with MaxB by van cross country because she really, really, doesn’t like to fly. We met up with them in Abbotsford. Tonight is the big meet and greet with a bunch of activities. But most importantly it will be the pathtag swap meet! I have several new pathtags that were made just for Geowoodstock!

So you will all have to forgive me if I’m not making the rounds – I’m going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks as we geocache the heck out of Canada before taking a cruise to Alaska before returning home and collapsing! As usual I’ll attempt to read and comment as time and internet connections permit. I’ll do my best to catch up once I’m back home again in Indiana!

45 thoughts on “Looking Before Crossing

  1. I have to think a festival of geocaching is passioning . For me this is a discovery .
    How many miles (or km) are there from your home to Vancouvers , Val ?
    I am sure you will find there unexhaustible source of poems (in various forms ! 🙂
    I wish to you both aand Saintvi , good vacations
    Love ❤


    1. Hi Michel! We are 1845 miles (2969 km) from home as the crow flies… driving adds more miles since there are lots of mountains between home and here. We are having lots of fun and met up with saintvi and 2 others at GeoWoodstock. We had a blast!

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    1. Thank-you Caitlynne. We have Guardian Angels doing around the clock duty! So far we have avoided any mishaps. I’m praying that the cruise is fun and that Sparky’s motion sickness isn’t a problem!

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    1. I am excited for the cruise (hoping for real food). We’ve eaten 2 good meals in the last 5 days. I do not want any more McDonald’s, Burger King, or Tim Horton’s! Sparky is about ready to start grazing along the roadside in search of greens!

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      1. Tell Sparky to look for blackberry bushes along the roadside — they must be in season now, and there’s nothing tastier than fresh blackberries off the roadside bushes!


    1. Hehe! No lucky 🍀 for us as we are making our own luck! I need 64 more cache finds to reach 4000 found. I think I just might make that before we leave on the cruise!!


    1. We’ve taken a couple photos but have mostly been moving/hiking/geocaching so not many photos of anything other than us posing with statues or landmarks to satisfy virtual and earth caches! More from the cruise to be sure…

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    1. We have walked, hiked, and driven all over! I’ve tripled my steps over my set goal almost every day. My feet are begging for a rest! But it has been very fun. Currently I’m only 38 caches from my vacation goal (trying to reach 4000)!

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