Looking at Names

I know all of you are anxious about the change in seasons and I completely understand. Those in India and that sub-continent are ready for the rain to finally end. In Australia, winter has ended and spring is beginning. In many other parts summer is winding down and autumn is bringing cooler weather. With that happening, I thought you’d all enjoy a little diversion in the form of another scavenger hunt. This one is titled My Name scavenger hunt where all the forms have names! I’m not kidding! Because there are 13 blogging days (M-W-F) I selected 13 prompts with some alternatives just for fun. So without any more delay:

1. Write a poem using the form Amanda’s Pinch or write an acrostic using the name Amanda.
2. Write a poem using the form The Donna or write an ode to a woman named Donna.
3. Write an Ovi poem or write a bibliographic profile acrostic using song titles from Cuban singer Ovi.
4. Write a Marianne poem or write an acrostic poem using the name Marianne.
5. Write a Laurette poem or write a Lisa Rima poem.
6. Write a poem using the form Emmett or write a poem about clowns.
7. Write a Daisy Chain poem or write a poem about flowers.
8. Write a Coraline poem or write a poem with some element from the movie Coraline.
9. Write a poem using the form Bryant or a poem about politics.
10. Write a Golda poem or incorporate the words related to gold into a poem.
11. Write a Joseph’s Star poem or write a poem with the words: super, technicolor, coat, stars.
12. Write a poem using the form Jay’s Way or write a poem using a bird metaphor.
13. Write a poem using the form The Anna or write a Dr. Stella.

As always there is no requirement on order or completing a set number. The only thing is to put a link to this post in your post and send me a link so I can come enjoy your talent! As usual I never ask anyone to do something I’m not willing to do myself so I’ll be writing these along with you! Let the fun begin!!


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