Looking for Gold

When Man First Loved Gold
It glows
Dazzles all men
Cause war, grab wealth
Sin’s wage
Root cause
Filthy lucre
Moral decay

This fulfills prompt #10 in the My Name scavenger hunt to write a Golda or write a poem about gold. The form was created by Golda Walker. It is composed of 12 lines with a monorhyme on line 6 and 12. All other lines are unrhymed. The syllable count is:2/2/4/1/4/2/2/1/2/4/4/2.

My mother had strong opinions about money. First and foremost she believed that you should control money and not let money control you. In other words getting paid was good and just but there were certain things that no amount of money would justify participation. In fact we learned early that money was supposed to be used for the betterment of people and money that didn’t do good was considered “dirty money” or as my mother would say with disgust dripping, “filthy lucre”. She considered monetary greed to be one of the worst sins. Her opinion of the ultra wealthy, well, she was not given to cursing, but I heard her mutter things like, “greedy elitists”, “conspicuous consumerism”, “self-serving”, “moral bankruptcy” and “conceited leeches”. She had an opinion on Elon Musk spending millions to put other rich people into space and it wasn’t complimentary… I can’t say I disagree completely. She left me a tidy sum of money and I can hear her saying, “Do some good.”

51 thoughts on “Looking for Gold

  1. I never really understood the complexity of having wealth (in the US) until I worked at a mansion and learned how the home was owned by “the corporation” and nothing could be bought to change a room (paint, carpeting, window coverings, furniture, etc) until the budget allocated for the expenditure. Being on the brink (and often over the brink) of poverty most of my life had me assuming that when you have money, you have freedom of choice on how to spend it. I learned that wisdom makes boundaries po’ folks don’t know about or need.

    I’ll let the gold grabbers keep their gold, and I may even pity their hoarding habits.


    1. Yes Dodi. Too much wealth can be a burden for the sensible person. But when greed steps in, common sense takes a hike. I’m with you – until the ultra wealthy actually do some good with their riches, they are just hoarders. Kind of reminds me of a dragon stretched out over their pile of loot guarding it fiercely. It can’t be comfortable or fun yet that’s what they choose to do!

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    1. ❤ Zakiah she is always whispering in my ear! I hear her voice in my mind and she is giving me a pep talk and sound advice! Thanks for this comment – I still miss her terribly.


    1. Hehe! Good for her! Too many women used to be beholden to their husbands for any and all money. If they wanted buy something for themselves, they either had to try to scrimp and save change from the grocery money or flat out ask for it. I think every woman should have financial independence!

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    1. ❤ Thanks Michel ❤ Our new priest is rather traditional and I don't think poetry is on the list of approved activities at church. At least not before, during, or after Mass! Perhaps in a small study group it might happen… My mother was a very wise woman!


  2. I agree with your mom. Enough money is enough money. Why have more? I don’t understand people who are driven to amass wealth. I was influenced by Alan Watts discussion of real vs. symbolic wealth and decided REAL wealth was better. Real wealth is enough art supplies to last a long time and good dogs and a roof over my head, gas in the tank and food in the fridge. Personally, I think the world would be a lot better (and a lot different) if so many people were not driven by greed.

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    1. Greed is definitely a problem. I can’t imagine having billions of dollars – what possible use would it be? I’m just happy to have enough money to not have to worry about my next meal or to have to choose between medicine or heat! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if some of those billionaires were to take that money and do good? Do things like fund schools, repair bridges, you know build libraries!!

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  3. I feel blessed to be so wealthy : rich in family and friends, a curious mind, a roof over my head, enough food and wine in the fridge if anyone drops in unexpectedly, and praise the Lord, not having to work until I’m dead.

    I’ve never had my nails done, never had a facial nor a massage, and no fan of gadgets. Why people need an electric coffee grinder amazes me.

    Your Golda says it all!


    1. We were upper middle class growing up but my parents were very frugal so I never knew we were “rich” by some standards. It wasn’t until I went to college that it dawned on me that we were better off than most. And that was precipitated by dating Sparky who thought my family very wealthy because we had placemats on the table and sugar in a sugar bowl! I am fortunate that my upbringing allowed us to save and never go into debt. The mantra was if you can’t pay cash then you don’t need it… Now retired we are comfortable and though the political climate and inflation makes me a little anxious I am not worried about having enough food or paying for heat!

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    1. She was a wonderful teacher and the best mom I could have dreamed up. I do miss her. It makes me a little melancholy when I dwell on it – so I try to just live as she taught me instead…


        1. I do feel blessed. It breaks my heart when I see women who have no business being mothers. Those children are at a huge disadvantage in life. I often feel that I’ve led a charmed life – and having the parents I had was a big part of that! ❤

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    1. That is the way I was brought up. Yes if everyone was generous and believed in paying a living wage we could eliminate poverty and reduce crime to almost nonexistent levels… (yes I DO wear rose colored glasses)

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    1. Sorry to hear that money (or the love of money) has wrecked lives – but greed can do that. I think my mother (and father) had a very sensible views on money – how to use it and how to save it…


    1. Yes. She and my father were savers and very careful to make sure that they had enough money to support themselves until the end. Because of careful investments my mother would have had to live to 200 to finally out live her reserves. I hope the same is true for Sparky and I. We are on track for that provided there is not a complete breakdown of society!


    1. Exactly! I wish my mother had spent a little more of her money on things she wanted to do – like take a trip back to Ireland… She was so worried that she’d out live her money and become a burden on her family or on society…

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  4. Very wise mom. I think if you have the money and can do things you want to do..travel, a hobby, etc..you should. I’d love to be able to do that type thing..but I think we should also help others when we can.


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