Looking Like a Bird

Be a bird
Poison words build up and stack
Let insults run like water off a duck’s back
Above the drama take wing and soar
Fly from troubled shore
Climb up high
Touch the sky
By the sun be kissed
Thermal and air current aid enlist
Feathers unruffled, you can’t be bothered now
Smart crow perched on topmost bough
Bird’s the word

This is the 12th prompt for the My Name scavenger hunt – Write a Jay’s Way or write using a bird metaphor. Well, I was inspired to combine them into one poem. The Jay’s Way is a form created by Chazz Combs consisting of 12 lines that are both syllabic and rhyming. The syllable count is: 3/7/11/9/5/3/3/5/9/11/7/3 and the rhyme scheme is: a/b/b/c/c/d/d/e/e/f/f/a.

My mother would often tell me to let the opinion of others “roll off like water from a duck’s back”. She would urge me to rise above the pettiness and to be aware of my strengths. She did much to build my self esteem. There were times, especially in middle school, where that advice seemed inadequate. Still she repeated it more often than the criticisms of detractors and false friends. I suppose I was very fortunate that my mother and father were my biggest cheerleaders and fans. It set me up to be able to say, “The opinion of others doesn’t concern me.” It let me see clearly and challenge the narrative of my bullies.


69 thoughts on “Looking Like a Bird

  1. “By the sun be kissed”
    This is such a beautiful line. Lovely take on the prompt too!
    Brilliant advice – it’s amazing how much life seems to expand when we don’t pay attention to what ‘people’ say.


  2. It’s funny that, as I read this, I thought of a big raptor — a Red Tailed Hawk — being harassed by a redwing blackbird whose nest the hawk was trying to raid. Birds don’t take insults lightly. We have to. ❤️

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      1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it just sitting there in a very remote side spot … I thought you said most were hidden. Guess the remoteness was the hidy hole 🙂


        1. Sometimes the difficulty isn’t in finding them but in getting to the location! There was one that was a giant 50 gal barrel (painted orange no less) that was located on the edge a field that was only accessible by hiking down a dirt road and then taking a cow path through a small woods. The cache was obvious once you managed to get to the location. Most of the time the cache is hidden and unless you know what to look for it is invisible. That protects it from muggles (non geocaching people). I bet it was well marked as a geocache!


                    1. if you sleep then you need that more so don’t worry. And when you really get into it be aware that all the garbage arises, it’s not easy but its very worthwhile 🙂


  3. Such parents are a blessing. While outside perspectives can often offer important insight into ourselves, an unhealthy reliance on what others think of us or how they want us to act is definitely detrimental.


  4. Dad said that what other people think of me is none of my business. It is what I think of myself that matters most. That has stood my psyche in good stead, since I started giving him credit for knowing things, around the time I turned 18.


    1. Smart man! (both you and your father) I made the realization that the opinions of others when they concerned me were no a true reflection of who I was – especially if they came from a place of jealousy, anger, or greedy power…

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