Looking at Love

This is the final post in the My Name scavenger hunt – Write The Anna or a Dr. Stella poem. I chose The Anna. Which was created by James Gray in honor of the poet and news columnist Anna Nash. This form is an unrhymed 7 line form with a strict meter requirement and uses the theme of love.

What kind of love
Waits for me to arrive
Greets me with kisses warm and wild
Patiently listens to my tales of woe
Shares my cooking without complaint
Doesn’t fight for TV control?
Pure canine love!

I’m mostly a cat person. I attribute this to my parents having pet cats before I was born and continuing until my parents moved into an apartment – just a year before I had my first child. My mother had a cattery and raised Persians and Himalayans (back when they were considered separate breeds in the US). Anyway I’ve always been very comfortable around cats but working in a vet clinic introduced me to a variety of pets. Then Veterinary School let me fall in love with dogs. I still like cats but with all the cat allergies in the family, a cat is not in my future. So we have a dog. She is sweet and well mannered and smart too. In fact she has many cat-like qualities. No matter how hard she may try, she is still a dog, a dog with the exuberance of demonstrating just how much she loves her people. And yes, we are definitely her people now!
Mochi has been on the go all the time! She loves the dog park and to visit with everyone in the neighborhood on her three times a day walks. She is still afraid of dog toys and refuses to have anything to do with even the stuffed toys (we tried but if it so much as makes a crinkling noise she is hiding behind the sofa)! Still she loves to be brushed. Her love language is to be with people. I mean in close proximity, like touching. If she can put a foot on you or better curl up on your lap, she is the most contented dog in the world….


51 thoughts on “Looking at Love

  1. What a sweet girl. Rex has some separation anxiety after being with us 24/7 for years now when we are home he has to be very close to you. And if you go to another part of the house or outside while he is napping and he wakes up he starts barking.

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    1. Thanks Andy. She really is a perfect addition to our family. Sounds like Rex has some dementia symptoms too. Like people with dementia, dogs have difficulty adapting to changes of any kind (just changing the location of the food bowl can result in confusion and anxiety)…


  2. So thankful that you and Sparky found a good dog for your lives again :). I’m honestly happy with any pet (including Guinea Pigs and Beta Fish) but my life is too challenging to add the challenges of a pet to them. At my age, I hate the idea of a pet outliving me, too.

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  3. So lovely. Mochi is a sweetheart. Maggie was a tactile dog, and loved to be close. She curled up on the bed with me but by morning, would be stretched full out. For a collie cross, she was a L O N G dog. Maya has her moments, and likes to sleep on my foot………. it seems to be the right height for a head cushion. As for sleeping on the bed, no chance. That was Maggie’s privilege and hers alone. Besides, if Maya got on the bed, there would definitely be no room for us! She doesn’t get on the furniture, other than paws up if she wants something or wants you to play.

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    1. Mochi is the only dog that has ever been allowed on the furniture. I would prefer not to have her be a couch dog, but she’s smaller than any of our other dogs were and had already been in the habit. Now I’ve got her trained to stay out of the formal living room and she isn’t allowed on the beds so all is good… She likes her beds so that makes up for some of it. I’ve got 2 small beds – one on the sofa and one the recliner and her big bed is in the computer room…

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      1. At least she knows and is content. Maggie would never get up on the bench or bed in either the caravan or the boat until her blanket was in place. Even here when she could sleep on the bed, she’d wait until her blanket was laid out for her.

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        1. Mochi likes her beds and seems to know that the dog beds are for her exclusively. She isn’t much for even coming into the bedroom… I suspect that was an area that was off limits in her previous homes… Maggie was such a smart dog!

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    1. Thanks Martha! Sparky is besotted by this pup. He took her to the dog park last night and they had a good time. The dog park is setting up an agility course and Mochi showed some aptitude! I think I know what she’s going to be doing once all the equipment is installed. Mochi has informed me that she prefers to play with bigger dogs rather than the little ones. She thinks that Teddy would be able to keep up with her! She seemed disappointed that Colorado is too far away to go for a play date…

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      1. Both Bear and Teddy would love to play with her. They love all the dogs who come to their house. Teddy has a tendency to herding behavior with new dogs — ear nipping — but dogs who ignore him end up without getting their ears nipped. He can’t help it. He doesn’t bite and it’s not aggression, he’s just an Aussie. Bear is very chill, just kind of, “How’s I going?”

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        1. It sounds like they’d have a great time! Mochi has the Australian Cattle Dog in her but she’s not a nipper or a licker! Instead she’s quick – very athletic and could leap over Bear in a single bound! We’re thinking there must be some “tigger” in her as she is “bouncy, flouncy, fun, fun, fun!” (but only with other dogs as she doesn’t jump up on people unless they invite her!)

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          1. Teddy jumps up on everyone — Now I understand it’s because he’s so small. He will sit for anyone who tells him to. Strange that people don’t, they just look at me helplessly even after I say, “Just tell him to sit.” He never jumps on me. So… Bear, of course, will crawl up in my lap.

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    1. That makes me a little sad. Pets can be an enhancement to many children’s lives and can enrich the lives of adults. They offer that which is so elusive – unconditional love and devotion…

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    1. I’ve owned several cats and the furniture scratching was never a problem since they were trained to not claw the furniture. They had scratching posts so it was all good. Dogs come with their own issues such as barking and digging… We’ve been fortunate on all counts with all the pups that have graced our home!

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