Looking Like a Servant

You Weren’t Born To Serve Another’s Agenda

You demand ice cream pounding
On the table as if driving roofing nails
You complain of too tight trousers
I become your tailor, thimble on thumb
Your anger spills over seeing a dog hair
Randomly shed by your mangy mutt
Keep this place clean you shout
Declutter the kitchen, fold the laundry
Make my coffee, do it all now
These and other conversations play on a loop
And I cannot mourn sitting next to your coffin

The first scavenger hunt I ever participated in was on Xanga way back in the day. It was devised by a Xangan called MoonCatBlue. Well, she has issued another Scavenger Hunt – “MoonCatBlue’s House of Mayhem’s Revival Scavenger Hunt of the Mind”. I was invited to join this private little group so you will all be subjected to the Mayhem that may occur. The above Free Verse is based on prompt #1 – Check your daily horoscope. Select one sentence and use it as a title. I also included prompt #2 – Incorporate: thimble, coffin, tailor, ice cream, dog hair, roofing nails.


51 thoughts on “Looking Like a Servant

    1. It was written to explore the inner workings of the poet’s mind… I’ve got an apple cranberry pie in the oven and 2 pumpkin pies cooling! It is going to be a busy night – have to bake a cake and then mix up all the sides ahead of time!! Hope your Thanksgiving is Happy and filled with family!


      1. I have been doing some cleaning. When Wrangler gets home and I know what I need to do I will prep for the turkey. You are in my thoughts and prayers as the anniversary of your mom’s passing comes. Wrangler is struggling due to Grandpa’s on Saturday. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


        1. This holiday is rough for me and I’m sure Wrangler is feeling it too… I think Thanksgiving will always be a little sadder. Hope you can make it a little brighter for Wrangler!


    1. Thanks Stephanie! The scavenger hunt is quite the challenge (because MoonCatBlue never goes easy on her scavenger hunts). Sometimes a serious challenge can get the creative forces to jump into high gear!!! There are 35 of them to be completed by Dec 31st but I’m sure that I won’t be able to get them all done (even with combining multiple prompts)…


    1. Hehe! No Sparky is a sweetheart. I am however a keen observer of people and I will eavesdrop on any and all conversations that happen in public. That combined with imagination and you get this poem…


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