Looking for Lightbulbs

When my sons were very young I provided a nightlight in the bathroom. This served several purposes. It provided a sense of security for them. It “lit the way” to the bathroom since our upstairs hall has no windows, and most importantly it made it easy to find the toilet bowl (supposedly to improve their aim). After 10 years or so the nightlight fell apart. The plastic cover, shaped like a dinosaur, lost its head and then the tail. Then the lightbulb burned out. It was tossed. We lived quite well without the nightlight.

Fast forward 15 years. I was gifted a battery powered tea light that sat in a glass jar decorated with lace and ribbon. It wasn’t exactly my style but I put it in the main bath as a nightlight for guests. It gathered dust. The battery in the tea light died. I was going to replace it but could only get a package of 12 (very expensive too). After giving it some thought decided to recycle the jar and pitch the tea light.

Another time jump of several years. We were visiting rummage sales this last summer trying to hunt down some furniture for Son#1 and Son#2. At an estate sale I found a package of 3 nightlights for 25 cents. They looked pretty good and I noted that they were the kind that only went on when they were in the dark. I merrily plunked down my money and brought them home. After some cleaning I tested them. The good news was that all 3 worked beautifully. The bad news was that there was only one functional lightbulb between them. This sent us on the hunt for a very specific size of lightbulb. We went to several stores but they either didn’t carry that size or were out of stock. We looked on line which indicated that they were available but BACK ORDERED! I kind of shrugged and decided to just put them on the list of items we’d buy if we could find them.

Here we are just a few days after Christmas and the stores are all frantic to get the Christmas merchandise cleared out. I generally look away from the gaudy mess but this time something caught my eye… There, front and center, was the picked-over light display. There weren’t many of the popular LED lights or strands of icicle twinkle lights left. instead all that was left were strings of “Retro” lights – the really big bulbs in red, yellow, blue, green and clear. But what was even better they had tons of packs of 4 replacement bulbs for half price! I was able to snag a couple packages of the clear ones. I now have lightbulbs for all the nightlights! I even deployed them into all the bathrooms. The major issue is that the light gives off such a glow that I have to close the bathroom door so that I can sleep! On the bright side I no longer have to turn on the light when I get up in the middle of the night!

Looking at the Breakup

I looked at the W3 poetry prompt from this week’s Poet of the Week Paula Light and was at a loss. So I decided to put my new file box into use to hold my extensive 3×5 card collection of poetic forms. During the switch from a too small plastic card holder to the beautiful wooden file box that will hold 600 cards easily, I found a form that I haven’t used in awhile. The Anagrammatic Poem. It is a poem written using only words made from the letters contained in the chosen word or phrase. The chosen word(s) is the title. There are no other requirements – for rhyme, meter, or syllable count. I give you my anagrammatic poem:

The Breakup

Her breath kept her here
He beat, repeat, rape, repeat
Her burka trap hurt, puke, heat
Pure earth eater erupt
Puree hate eat
Take rebuke
Brute repute
Tear, break
True heart
But he put
Her hate

Looking for a Kiss

Here is another entry for MoonCatBlue’s House of Mayhem’s Revival Scavenger Hunt of the Mind. I used the prompts #11 Incorporate: online dating, stoic philosophers, dish soap, sour dough, demonology, cows, #12 A bite from a domestic, wild or magical creature, #14 Variations on the color blue. Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I wrote this as a monorhyme even though there wasn’t a requirement to do so! Because there are 35 prompts, I’ve decided to combine them to make a dent and get them done!

A pale blue sky on a summer’s day
The online dating had gone astray
I’d conjured with dish soap blue gray
Poured on sourdough from the café
The Demonology text said to pray
To find a man that with me would stay
No man appeared I’m sad to say
Instead half cow and ass with loud bray
And eyes the color of a Northern blue jay
Kiss me he begged and we can play
At stoic principles “The obstacle is the way”
Quoted Zeno and Cato, better/kinder let’s not delay
But I refused the kiss and backed away
He bared his teeth I became his prey
Bitten and gnawed my flesh did fray
Spilled blue blood in a delicate spray
Now from life to death a cyanotic blue segue
Where love and danger is a messy melee

Looking with Anticipation

Every year we mark this time
Time to gather feast and dine
Dine on savories and sweets
Sweets and meats chased with wine

Wine red to toast the holidays
Holidays we heed the call
Call together family far away
Away and near gather and welcome all

All ages to the table come
Come to welcome faces new
New family needed to replace
Replace the missing few

Every Christmas Sparky’s family gathers. Traditionally it has been an event where prospective spouses were paraded for the familial blessing. This is usually initiated by providing a meal contribution of chocolate pudding. You see all big announcements are made with chocolate pudding – you have an engagement? Chocolate pudding. You want to break the news of a pregnancy? Chocolate pudding. Retirement? Chocolate pudding. So why am I mentioning this? Well Son#2 announced to me that he is planning to bring his girlfriend to the Christmas family gathering (which happens after Christmas day). I didn’t ask what he is bringing and he didn’t inquire what he should bring. This makes me nervous since his lack of asking means he already has decided what to bring… I’m hoping there is chocolate pudding but I dare not ask.

The above poem is a Loop Poem. It is composed of 4 line stanzas with a rhyme of a/b/c/b. The catch is that the last word of line 1 becomes the first word of line 2, the last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3 and so on. There is no requirement of syllable count, meter, topic or number of stanzas.

Looking Merry and Bright

The lead up to the Christmas holidays has been busy. I haven’t spent much time discussing it on WP but I’ve been so wrapped up with preparation and anticipation that time has slipped. We managed to get the Christmas card photo taken and processed in a timely fashion. I even got them mailed so that they’d arrive BEFORE the holiday. However due to my own hectic need for clean and order, I delayed posting my annual Christmas card photo. I realized yesterday that that too is behind schedule! Merry Christmas to all! Love and Peace from Sparky, Murisopsis, and Mochi!

Looking at the Knowing

The Skeptic’s Kaddish poetry prompt for Wea’ve Written Weekly is set by this week’s Poet of the Week, D. Avery. The prompt is to compose a Tetractys (as a single, double, or even triple) with the the stipulation that the first and last words be the same.

The song
Lives the words
Joins the chorus
Finds the seed of truth, avoids death and knows

Knows her own mortality yet she sings
Changes the tune
Makes up words
Sings loud

Truth grows
Among lies
Lives large, lives proud
In being she understands what death knows

Looking Migratory

Yet another offering for MoonCatBlue’s House of Mayhem of the Mind Scavenger Hunt. This time I used prompts: #18 – Use the title “Here at the Sunrise Saloon”, #21 – Winter solstice, #25 – Migrating birds as physical beings and metaphor, #27 – Incorporate: rosemary, umbrella, figs, wanderlust, turpentine, and missed opportunity. The vehicle for this is the Cascade poem. A Cascade poem uses each line in the first stanza as the last line in the following stanzas. There is no rhyme or meter or syllable count restriction. I decided to make the first stanza rhyme just because I was feeling like a challenge.

Here at the Sunrise Saloon

The goose sleeps at dawn, wanderlust spent
A missed opportunity the winter solstice event
Fueled with gin having a turpentine scent
At Sunrise Saloon all the birds are content

Nights are longer and the days grow short
Less time for travel or snacking on figs
Through snow and rain lacking an umbrella
The goose sleeps at dawn wanderlust spent

I never stay in one place I’m always migrating
Feeling unwelcome, weary, wandering, warded away
With a sprig of rosemary at every window and door
A missed opportunity the winter solstice event

The Yule log burns, ash flies, becoming birds
Traveling to warmer climes and I twirl and dance
Dance to keep the night at bay and welcome day
Fueled with gin having a turpentine scent

Morning comes slowly hung over and aching
Have some hair of the dog feel the bracing cold air
Fed, warm, in company I’ve no thought to fly on
At Sunrise Saloon all the birds are content

Looking at Darkness

I was pondering some of my fears – rational and irrational. I am not a fan of spiders. They scare me with their multiple eyes and unpredictable locomotion. I am afraid of water – because I can’t swim and drowning is a distinct possibility. I’m fearful of heights – mostly because the sensation of vertigo makes me feel like I’m falling and not having mastered the ability to fly I know that death lurks. My oldest and most irrational fear is of the dark. As an adult I have overcome it in many circumstances. I can walk into a dark room and navigate to a light switch without high stepping or making whimpering noises. But there are times when that fear creeps up my spine and into my brain and I “nope” out of a room or leap onto a chair or sofa or bed.

I’m afraid of the dark
Monster under the bed
Monster within my head
Turn on the light

Squelch irrational fears
Suppress tears in the night
Chant “It’ll be alright”
Curl in a ball

Imagine terrors wild
Shadows dance in the hall
Mother please come I call
Courage has fled

I decided to take the musing on the fear of the dark ( also referred to as nyctophobia, achluophobia, lygophobia and scotophobia) and write a poem. I selected a poetry form from the 13th – 17th century in the Marathi region of India called an Abhanga. This poem is composed of multiple quatrains with a syllable count of 6/6/6/4 and a rhyme of x/a/a/x, where x is unrhymed.

Do you have a fear, rational or not, that you struggle with??

Looking Shattered

The holidays are upon us. I have been gathering things to stuff into the Christmas stockings. My mother would make sure that the stockings were filled to overflowing. It was easier with girls. Boys are more difficult. So far I’ve rounded up some mini-flashlights. But the stockings still look rather flaccid. I decided to get candy and set out to find some tasty and unusual treats.

I bought taro mochi from Japan and adobo cracker nuts from the Philippines but they proved to be too bulky for the stockings. There are times when you just get lucky. I was rummaging through the WooHoo discount shelf at the grocery and spotted candy bars. The usual cost for a candy bar is about 85 cents. These were marked 39 cents! I bought 4 of each variety.

First up was the stroopwafles (imported from Holland). I’ve had them before and they are yummy! The mini versions were just the right size to slide into each stocking.
The Coffee Crisp is imported from Canada and retails for about $2 each. I gave one to Sparky to try (I hate the taste of coffee) and he gave it a thumbs up. I added them to the stockings for the boys and Sparky.Then there was the Violet Crumble from Australia. What can I say? I tried it and it shattered my expectations! This candy is just as expensive as the Coffee Crisp. It was so good that I hustled back to the store to see if there were any discounted ones left. I was in luck and scored another 4 bars for only $1.60!! Those went into the stockings too. There was just a little more room and I found some Haribo Goldbears and Trolli sour worms from Germany at the dollar store.

It is panning out to be an international candy Christmas. I have gifted myself with some special chocolate from Germany and Belgium – all dark chocolate. That just left Mochi’s stocking. Since she is afraid of toys, I bought some Snausages and Milk Bones for her stocking…

Looking for My Childhood

This week’s We’ave Written Weekly Poet of the Week is none other than the host of the W3 – David of The Skeptic’s Kaddish. His prompt is to write a minimum of 5 stanzas of Atom poems on the topic of children or childhood. I had to clean my house today and so naturally instead of cleaning the toilets and mopping the kitchen floor, I decided to compose poetry. Now to be honest I had to contemplate this topic. I was doing some deep thinking while I did deep cleaning of the shower and this is the result. (note: there is nothing that makes you want to be a child again like being faced with cleaning chores that are the hallmark of “adulting”)

Reclaiming My Childhood

why do
days run

let me
dream of

off work

child is

here i
cast off

i grab
at mirth

we run
with joy

then i