Looking at the Tryst

Here’s another massive effort to complete MoonCatBlue’s House of Mayhem scavenger hunt before time runs out. I combined prompts #9 – Telescope as object and metaphor, #13 – Microscope as object and metaphor, #22 – Incorporate: human skeleton, lemon pudding, snow, Prometheus, Christmas music, #23 – Write an aubade incorporating: raccoon, tornado, tennis ball, #24 – Something set in an orchard.

Watch the morning sky
Turn lemon pudding yellow
My tears fall like snow
Winter orchard tryst must end
When Prometheus brings fire

Christmas music plays
As your alarm and I weep
Tennis ball lump in my throat
Naked human skeleton
I am stripped bare by your love

Tornado desire
Stolen forbidden apples
Ravenously eaten
The raccoon must wash his food
Not as sweet with marriage banns

I return to work
Microscope focus on cells
Examine my life
Search for signs of disease
Is our love true or just lust

His telescope calls
He scans our vast universe
Hoping to find life
Unaware he has found me
Hyperopic I’m ignored

These prompts are really kicking my butt. I’ve done some of the more difficult ones interspersed with the easiest. I’ve got 18 of 35 prompts left to complete so I’m half way done. Wish me luck.


31 thoughts on “Looking at the Tryst

  1. Amazing, how even a microscope cannot “find” someone standing right in front and earnestly seeking attention. On the other hand, how many times is someone who wants to be left alone made the focus of unwanted attention?


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