Looking at the Breakup

I looked at the W3 poetry prompt from this week’s Poet of the Week Paula Light and was at a loss. So I decided to put my new file box into use to hold my extensive 3×5 card collection of poetic forms. During the switch from a too small plastic card holder to the beautiful wooden file box that will hold 600 cards easily, I found a form that I haven’t used in awhile. The Anagrammatic Poem. It is a poem written using only words made from the letters contained in the chosen word or phrase. The chosen word(s) is the title. There are no other requirements – for rhyme, meter, or syllable count. I give you my anagrammatic poem:

The Breakup

Her breath kept her here
He beat, repeat, rape, repeat
Her burka trap hurt, puke, heat
Pure earth eater erupt
Puree hate eat
Take rebuke
Brute repute
Tear, break
True heart
But he put
Her hate


65 thoughts on “Looking at the Breakup

      1. It’s getting more daylight than it did when our mothers peers were grappling with it. It was common enough for our grandmothers that no one had much problem with a man hitting his wife in their day. Just watch some of the early movies and how easily it was shown as something men did and women had to “understand” (some movies with John Wayne, even showed that). So – it’s getting better.


        1. I was always taught that there was no excuse for a man to hit a woman. Indeed times are changing and domestic violence is becoming less and less prevalent (at least here it is a crime) than in other parts of the world…

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    1. SAM I’d bet you’ve played the game before: there is a word and you must find all the words you can make using the letters found in the word… Then you take those words and ONLY those words and write a poem. It is that simple.

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      1. Actually no, I am not a “wordle”. I never was very good at it, really looked dumb at word games, and Judy asked me about that.. I will always end up using words of another language, that will not make no sense, and even the good ones will be miss spelled.. So honestly, this kind of thing is just not for me~! But now if you would like to talk about math, world history, or even physics, I may be able to hold my own.. Now let’s go back to those simple ones ones, you know, the ones that only use phonically rhyme~! Ha~!


    1. Power is a drug. If it takes violence against someone you are supposed to love for a man to feel powerful then there is something broken in him and in society… This poem is about all the breaking and brokenness.


    1. I’m extremely pleased that you felt the intensity! It is a topic that no one really wants to talk about. As for the form – it can have lots of latitude but it all depends on the word(s) chosen… I really wished at some point I’d selected a word containing the letter D. In the end it worked out to my advantage despite no D!!

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