Looking Senseless

I was not born blind
But I cannot see
I was not born deaf
But true deaf I be
All these conditions
Do not define me
Nor do I count them
As infirmity
Not a single eye
Can see a soul leap
Not one human ear
Hears when ere hearts weep
All fear the silence
When the senses sleep
And dread the moment
Death into minds creep

Age has made reading glasses necessary. I don’t doubt that eventually Sparky and I will need hearing aids. We are well on our way to preferring large print editions of books. We’ve adjusted the size of fonts on the computer screens and on the smart phones too. I’ve stated before that being physically blind is not as bad as being spiritually blind, yet even so we are impossibly near-sighted, spiritually speaking. As for deafness, I know that selective deafness has crept up on both of us. Sparky tunes me out more often than I’d like to admit (and I call him on it). I think there are certain sounds that just don’t register in my auditory senses – most notably the alarm clock, and the constant hum and drone of the refrigerator and the furnace fan. As for the spiritual deafness, I have to admit that I tune out pleas for money from street people. At the same time I strain to hear the spiritual directions from God. I guess I’m no better or worse than the rest of the world and that does not comfort me. I’ve been struck senseless! I have tried and I will continue to try to be better and do what all Christians were commanded – Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, comfort the sick and dying, visit the imprisoned and to love neighbor as self.


46 thoughts on “Looking Senseless

  1. What a beautiful, raw, honest, and compassionate view of you. In many ways I’m similar; I understand. You’re humble and kind, Val. You’re truly using the “sense” that serve you well! 💕


  2. Not defined, by what we were, born as, overcoming everything that comes our way, rising above the trials, of our, lives, that is, living. And, sometimes, we become, calloused by life’s happenings, that we can’t, feel the pains of, others anymore.


  3. This could be my story, too. I like this very much.

    I got my hearing aids about 3 years ago, now. It’s always a bit surprising to me when I take them out at the end of the day. So much ambient sound is now gone from my ability to perceive it! I never realized how bad my hearing was before I got them. I knew I had some hearing loss, but not how MUCH. Luckily, I can hear the alarm as long as I am not completely covering my “better” ear. Not as loud for me as it is for others, but I’m unconsciously listening for it (like when we listen for our babies).


  4. Just yesterday I was at my ophthalmologist’s office. Every thing was good and fine he said. But I told him that i need a little stronger strength in my cheaters! He laughed and said, you could go up a little if you wish. So I decided I would get a 3 instead of the 2.75 that I use!
    Christian or not. you are a wonderful human being Val. I am sure many people consider you their role models!

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  5. I think we all suffer a little from physical & spiritual selective hearing/sight Muri. Sometimes it’s enforced upon us through aging, other times by choice. We see & hear what we want to see & hear because the truth makes us uncomfortable. I admire your honesty; kindness & self-awareness. 😊😁

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  6. ❤️ People begging for money create a conflict inside me every time I see them. I see my brother drinking himself to death on the money he is given through begging — begging strangers and begging me, yet? There are times when the need is obviously real. I just hope I’m able to accurately determine most of the time. The other needs? A conversation today at the supermarket with the Autistic kid who’s fighting addiction. He brought up my groceries. I heard everything he said to me and I hope I returned to him what he needed from me. Compassion is the challenge and its demands are not always clear.

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    1. That is exactly the issue – I have to remind myself that sometimes it isn’t money that is the biggest need and that I’m not the one to make the judgement! I feel very good about giving food!

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  7. I may have to get hearing aids soon. I had a test done a few years ago and the tech said it’s probably a good idea. There are certain frequencies I can’t hear and if I’m in a noisy environment, I tend to miss out on the conversation.


    1. My father in-law was very reluctant to get the hearing aids but is now kicking himself that he didn’t do it sooner! Some of them are so discrete that you can’t even tell that someone has them! Don’t wait – you’ll be surprised at what you were missing…


  8. We are all guilty of that. I see the panhandlers and wonder if they are genuine or not; if they are just looking for money for drugs and/or alcohol or really need food. We aren’t *supposed* to be that way; we’re supposed to give and let God sort it out in the end, but we can’t help ourselves.


  9. One must be discerning, with regard to giving money. I help feed the homeless at a local church, on Monday evenings and offer a fair amount, through reputable charities. Not giving to street people is hardly spiritual deafness-it’s just wise.


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