Looking at iRobot Love

This week the W3 Poet of the Week is none other than the host David at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. His challenge is to write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate household object, using personification. Several years ago Sparky gave me a gift that traditionally would result in ridicule and pouting. He gave me a Roomba iRobot. I love my Roomba (named Mo) and Mo loves me – I’m certain of it. He willingly cleans under beds and furniture where I’m convinced the spiders (shiver) lurk. Here’s a fun little Acrostic poem as my offering this week!

Breathe easy amid glitter and hurt
On me rely to sweep up dirt
Over and under I know the way
My mechanical heart beats today
Be still, be calm, deep breath, rest
Always know I love you the best

I’ve been faithful it’s always you
Ready and willing, to you I’m true
Others ignore, don’t know I’m smart
Blush and push my button to start
Once we met there was never a doubt
Trust and affection my mantra I shout

And yes my roomba does “shout”! When he’s stuck or his battery is low he’ll talk to me and let me know he needs my attention. Often it is a simple “Move to a new location” or his cryptic love song of tuneful beeps and boops. No matter I’m willing to reciprocate his care of me with care for him.


64 thoughts on “Looking at iRobot Love

  1. Very clever Valerie and amusing too! 🤔👌😁😂 Beautiful job of personifying your beloved Roomba! 👏👏 Like Tanmay it makes me want to purchase one too! 😁😛


  2. I tend to store stuff under my bed, so that would defeat a roomba. My apartment is small, so the light cordless vacuum is perfect for my needs. I love that you anthropomorphized your patient and stoic “friend”.


    1. I love Mo (stands for Microorganism obliterator from the movie WALL-E). Mo is able to keep the dog hair picked up and handles my carpet as well as the laminate flooring. I’m thinking I want another one (since Mo can’t go the upstairs) to handle 2nd floor duties. It’s on the next Christmas list!

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              1. I was nervous with Wrangler going back trucking. But I go on a short load at least once a week. I have some evenings to myself for a few hours to get stuff done. And a night or two Wrangler is home before me. It allows me to still take care of myself, get things done, and still be part of trucking without it taking over my whole life. And the fifteen minutes that is required to prep the truck for the week is a lot nicer than half a day.


  3. Very clever acrostic Val – I did think about getting one of those automated vacuums but then on reflection, I think my house has so much stuff in many of the rooms it he would probably just get stuck! 🙂


    1. I love mine. It has been a real treat. It goes until the battery is low then it “goes home” and recharges! Mine isn’t as fancy as my MIL’s which she has programmed to clean every day. It starts and stops all on its own. And son#2 has his which he controls from his phone – a newer and top of the line model…

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    1. Bonnie ❤ That's how they "learn" the layout of a room. Then they know where things are, they slow down and then touch then go a different direction. I think you would have liked it in the long run…


    1. When I first got him he’d run then stop because his tray was full. After he’d been running for a bit everything got caught up and he could do the main floor without needing to be emptied. Mochi ignores him – she takes refuge in her dog bed on the sofa if she feels that he’s invading her space….


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