Looking at Daisy Chains

Blooming fields of color bright
Bright in sun and at night
Night cannot hide the glow
Glow of Sunflowers in a row
Row upon row of Iris spears
Spears and wild flowers appear
Appear as a perfusion of delight
Delight that God has wrought this sight
Sight a miracle to see each one blooming

This is prompt #7 for the My Name scavenger hunt – Write a Daisy Chain poem or write a poem about flowers. So the Daisy Chain is a simple form where the last word in the line becomes the first word of the next line. To end the poem, the last word is the same as the first word. There are no rhyming, syllabic or meter requirements (or prohibitions) – just a chaining of words sort of like a Wreath Poem only easier!

What is there to say. I went out last Tuesday and snipped off and pulled out the dried or dying spears of my hostas and day lilies. I collected some seeds from the columbine before cutting the oddly beautiful stems and seed pods off the plants. What was left was a somewhat tidier garden but I also had the memories of these pretty flowers. That sent me back in time to the wonder of my childhood. Standing at the edge of the rolling, fallow fields where as far as the eye could see were blooming flowers (or weeds to some) – Queen Anne’s Lace, wild Daisies, blue Asters, Goldenrod, Purple Thistles, pink Milkweed, Coneflowers, and the wild Sunflowers and every fence covered with morning glories and poison ivy… Yes I said poison ivy. I can even appreciate it especially in late summer when it starts to turn a deep red with tinges of green and gold. Makes it easier to avoid than when it is all green in spring and summer…