Looking at Prompts

There are several blogs that I follow that have been posting writing prompts. I have been so caught up in the rush to retirement that I’ve pretty much ignored them. Not because I don’t want to participate but instead because I have so many things clamoring for my attention that I’ve had to prioritize. Truthfully poetry is pretty far down on the list right now. BUT the Haiku prompt for this week as posted on I am Jann Doe’s blog is to write a Haiku using the prompt of “potential”. Now I’m not sure how the planets have aligned but I wrote a poem incorporating that very word. It was not a haiku. It is scheduled to post next week. Her prompt however made me rethink my poem with a different point of view. Since in retirement I intend to make writing and poetry and actually editing a more pressing endeavor, I’ve broken my self imposed rule of 3 posts a week. So today is an extra post, just so I can add this prompt!

Dead dream shattered hope
Unrealized potential
Toss the manuscript

As is the problem with writing, sometimes what you think is a riveting topic with engaging characters, turns out to be nothing more than over cooked oatmeal on paper. So there you have it. A haiku about potential which is the favorite attribute of a writer. A blank piece of paper is full of potential. An idea is dripping with potential. The sharp intake of breath as inspiration strikes is loaded with potential. And all too often the potential is not attained. It is squandered, poorly executed, or left too long on the shelf to shrivel.