Looking Reflective

Calmkate posted on her Friday Fun that she wanted posts with photos or words “please use the word “Reflective’ to create by pic or words how it has impacted your life. So without further ado:

I am made of silvered glass
Shiny and fragile
What you see will never last
Its only a reflection

I mirror the colors I’m shown
Copy the world
What I show I don’t own
Its only a reflection

When the light fades to black
And no image remains
It is obvious I lack
A divine reflection

Shatter the glass with a blow
Release the image within
Move from mimic to glow
A divine reflection

I was taught that to really understand you needed to listen and then repeat what was said in your own words allowing for correction or fine tuning of your understanding. This is a standard technique. However, too often I see people parroting what they have heard – verbatim without any comprehension. As in the poem they become merely a reflective surface. They lack depth. They don’t absorb but only reflect. This is a sad state of existence. We were meant to have free will and as such we are required to exercise it. We must engage our brains and look at the world. We should be willing to evaluate and re-evaluate life experiences (not as incessant navel gazing) in an effort make course corrections. We should strive to be reflective (as in relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful) and reflective (providing a reflection) as long as we are careful about what we mirror!